Goods News! First edition official T-Shirt & Fuji Rock x Gan-Ban Micro-Chair are here!


Well known for its quality of design every year, this year's official T-shirt is here now!
From Gan-Ban comes a ultralight Micro-Chair sure to come in handy at the festival!
On Sale Now!

[FRF'13 Circus T]

Leave the stress of everyday life behind and enjoy music in the magical environment that is Fuji Rock.
Check out this t-shirt that condenses the vibe we all love, the Circus T!


Sizes : XS / S / M / L
Price : ¥3,990 (tax incl)
100% Organic Cotton

On sale at "GREENonRED" beginning March 14th!

[Fuji Rock '13 x Gan-Ban Micro-Chair (by Adirondack)]

Weighing the same as a magazine, the 550g ultralight aluminum frame foldable chair boasts a super strong frame with a almite finish that will shine forever. The seat is made of hard nylon, the same as bullet proof vests. Strong clamps secure the four sides making this a comfortable lightweight chair great for the outdoors.


Colors : BLACK x GOLD
Size : (Unfolded) 30x20x31cm, (Folded)25x20x4.3cm / Weight: 547grams
Price : ¥4,095(tax incl)
Accessories : Nylon bag

Available at "GREENonRED" and Gan-Ban stores March 14th!


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