Karl Hyde, who served as musical director for the London Olympic opening ceremony, fresh from a solo performance at Sonar Sound Tokyo and release of his first solo album, "Edgeland", will return to Naeba! Underworld are known for their many legendary performances at Fuji Rock, but Karl is sure to write another page of Fuji history this summer.

Of the 9 new artists in this update, are Boys Noize, finally playing LIVE at Fuji Rock! Their performance and production, including a 2 meter high LED skull, can only be described as a spectacular and shouldn't be missed. We'll also be welcoming Darkstar, a rising figure of the UK post dubstep movement, and David Murray, who carries on John Coltrane's musical DNA, will also appear with Macy Gray. From America's neo shoe gaze scene, we welcome DIIV, and from LA, The Gaslamp Killer, often called the madman of the beat scene due to his extraordinary turntable skills and high energy performance. New all girl trio Haim, much loved in the States and Europe, and The Sea and Cake, pioneers of post rock from Chicago will both make their first ever appearance in Naeba, and we welcome back the cumbia band that Joe Strummer loved, Very Be Careful.

Seven domestic artists have also been confirmed to play this summer. Dohatsuten, riding the wave of their first ever concert at the Budokan and upcoming 30 year anniversary, and Naeba regular, Kennichi Asai and SkaPara members are set come together to create new band, Bad Teacher Kill Club. Original Japanese Ska artist, Doberman, and Japan's number one bluesman, Fusanosuke Kondo will also be joining us, as will Kazuyoshi Saito and Tatsuya Nakamura's super tag team band, Mannish Boys. Takkyu Ishino, who is a Naeba regular and whose performance with Denki Groove broke the Red Marquee's attendance record will be coming back to Fuji, as will the pride of Aichi, explosively loud orchestra group Turtle Island.

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