Before you know it, May has crept up, the summer is nearly upon us, and Fuji Rock is just around the corner. The line up continues to be updated, but the 12 new artists included in this announcement are an alluring group.

3 domestic artists join the festival for Friday July 26th; Chara is back with all of her friends after 4 years, and a surprise appearance with ShibusaShirazu last year at the Orange Stage, where she belted out her popular classic, "Swallowtail Butterfly -Ai-no-Uta-". The neo-dance music trio, cro-magnon, push the boundaries of what is possible with a three piece, while giving a hat tip to multiple genres. QUATTRO bring us their unique brand of catchy melodic 90's British Rock, infused with 60's psychedelic blues rock.

Mark Ernestus, from the capital of electronic music, Berlin, will be presenting his new project, centered on African rhythms, which we can be sure will enchant. Akihiro Namba continues to be the hope of Japan's punk kids with his new band, NAMBA69. And maybe the biggest surprise, the beautiful and talented Mari Natsuki will come to Naeba - expect most of the festival staff to be at her stage! And last but not least in any sense of the word; Priscilla Ahn with her soothing voice, is sure to bring a cool breeze to the festival on Saturday July 27th.

And many saw this one coming: THE GOLDEN WET FINGERS - the forbidden combo of Yusuke Chiba x Akinobu Imai x Tatsuya Nakamura - are set to perform on Sunday July 28th! Other confirmed acts include producer / DJ maestro Jamie xx of The xx, and a special presentation of the Muddy Apes, featuring Taka from Feeder, and INORAN from Luna Sea, with a show that not only crosses borders but transcends musical genres. Hot new all girl post punk band, Savages, will come to Fuji from London, and The Telephones will make their Fuji debut directly after their show at the Hibiya Outdoor Theater on July 21.

This brings the line up to a current total of 104 artists, and we're only half way there! Stay tuned for more info!

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