Anti-Nuclear Power Event, The Atomic Café Comes to Fuji Again This Year!



Since its inception in 1997, Fuji Rock has offered opportunities to consider how to switch to renewable energy sources and live with nature.

Fuji Rock supports the anti-nuclear weapon and power event "The Atomic Cafe", and has provided a part of the New Power Gear Field / Avalon Area to this movement, established in the 1980s, which works to create a society that stresses the use of renewable energies.

Fuji Rock's undertakings and support of Non-governmental organisations
Since being held for the first time in 1997, Fuji Rock Festival has provided NGO's with time on stage, to appeal to festival goers on issues like the environment, world peace and human rights, and has created the NGO Village where organisations can introduce themselves to the festival audience.
The NGO Village has become a place for speaking about, and supporting, global themes such as poverty and world peace, through donations and messages of support.
Lately, efforts have concentrated on global warming and energy, aiming to live in harmony with nature by converting to renewable energy sources and showing this through the use of solar power within the festival site.

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[The Atomic Cafe]

What is "The Atomic Cafe"?
Named after the movie, the event started in 1982, spurred on by the world-wide anti-nuclear movement of the time with the theme of, "Opposing Nuclear Weapons and Power Through Music".
Performers at the many events held at the time included Noriko Kato, Shogo Hamada, Ryudo Uzaki, Yutaka Osaki, the Blue Hearts, the Roosters, the Ecos(Jinsei Tsuji) and many from overseas musicians including Aswad and Billy Bragg.

"The Atomic Cafe"@ FRF'13
Will be held at the Gypsy Avalon stage in the "New Power Gear Field / Avalon", where the whole area is powered by bio-diesel fuel and solar energy, and the NGO Village.

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<Participating Musicians>
Fri. 7/26: CHANGE ENERGY'S(Hisashi Kato(vox) / Shinichi Kita(gtr) / Jeff(bass) / Jara(drums)
Sat. 7/27: Likkle Mai Band
THE SOLAR BUDOKAN meets Atomic Cafe(Indies Power x Theater Brooke)
Sun. 7/28: Akihiro Namba

<Atomic Cafe Talk Show>
Fri. 7/26: Daisuke Ohtsu, Monju-kun, Nuclear Squadron Suishinja
Sat. 7/27: Daisuke Ohtsu, Tokiko Kato?Daiji Sato
Sun. 7/28: Daisuke Ohtsu, Hiroki Azuma

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