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'Festival Echo' : How Fuji Rock Works to Protect the Environment


Fuji Rock works to protect the environment through undertakings such as the creation of "Fuji Rock Paper", building and maintaining the barrier-free "BoardWalk" pathway to protect the forestland surrounding the festival venue, and the NEW POWER GEAR stage which uses recycled bio-diesel fuel(BDF) and other clean energies. Utilising tableware with minimum environmental impact, seperating garbage, and reusing the packaging from festival merchandise helps us reach our aim of "Garbage Zero Navigation" and helps minimise the amount of waste generated by the event.

Fuji Rock Festival has joined the international environmental body 'FUTURE FOREST' in 2002, and planted trees at various locations in the world to offset CO2 produced by the event. In 2006, the Festival also joined the launch of the international environmental fund 'Global Cool', which was founded to help combat global warming. The Festival has offered opportunities for guests to think about global environmental issues by supporting a variety of activities from global to grass root levels at the Avalon Field since the year 2000.

[NGO Village This Year's Themes & Participating Organizations]

●This Year's Themes: "Energy", "Disaster Relief", "International Cooperation"
This year, 12 organizations will focus on "Energy", "Disaster Relief" and "International Cooperation" through interactive booths, informing festival goers and giving everyone a chance to make a difference in your world.
At the New Power Gear and Gypsy Avalon, the "NGO Village Talk" shows will focus on these three themes.

[The Fuji Rock Naeba Forest Project]

The Fuji Rock Forest Project works to ensure the people who live in the area and those who visit Naeba can continue to enjoy the beautiful environs through the regeneration and utilization of the forest. As part of this project, the festival has built and maintains the barrier free BoardWalk to help maintain and protect the surrounding forestland. Timber from maintaining and thinning this forestland is used to make "Fuji Rock Paper", keeping the forest active and healthy.

●"Festival Echo"Free Paper
The popular free paper, "Festival Echo", seems to disappear very quickly from distribution loctions every year!
The 2013 edition has been printed using "Fuji Rock Paper" which uses left over timber from forest maintenance in the Naeba area.

●BoardWalk Camping Event
A few times a year in the spring and autumn, volunteers gather with residents of Naeba to fix and maintain the BoardWalk while camping. The first event held this year welcomed many volunteers and was a great success.
BoardWalk Camp will be held two more times prior to the festival.
[Sat. June 29, Sun. June 30]
Pathway Maintenance, etc.
[Three days from Sat July 13 to Mon July 15th]
Pathway maintenance & final check before festival
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Enjoy nature safely while strolling along the BoardWalk, and help keep the forest healthy. This cycle helps keep the forest of Fuji Rock alive. Then enjoy the BoardWalk while at the festival!

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