Updated Line Up, All Six Stages Announced!



We're nearing the end of June, with only 5 weeks left until Fuji Rock!
Following the previous stage-by-stage lineup announcement, we're happy to now bring you full info on some of Fuji Rock's best loved areas;
six stages that convey the fun and joy of Fuji Rock in a different way than the headlining Green Stage, as well as the long awaited line up announcement of Fuji Rock's big party on Friday night, All Night Fuji!

Introducing each unique stage, including the previously announced Crystal Palace tent!

♦NEW POWER GEAR Stage / Gypsy Avalon

This organic stage is generated by soft energy such as bio diesel and solar power.
'The Atomic Cafe', a No Nukes event, promoting the shift to renewable energy, will take place again this year, stronger than ever. The small stage allows you to experience artists' performance up close and personal, and creates a special, intimate atmosphere.


With it's array of eye-catching art installations, the Palace of Wonder area creates a surreal experience with new ideas every year. In this area is the world famous Spiegeltent, known to be the most beautiful in the world. Inside this spectacular art deco tent, bars and stages are set up in a flight of terraces surrounding a purple wooden dance floor. Well-selected bands and DJs from Japan and abroad will give amazing performances in this spectacular environment. Non-ticket holders can also enjoy this area, as it is located before the festival's entrance gate.


Naeba Shokudo is located in between the Oasis area and World Restaurants. A relaxing space, where you can sit on tatami mats on the wooden deck, and enjoy delicious local food and sake. Part of the Naeba Shokudo turns into a stage in the evenings, and every night it is full of excitement and joy, only to be found at the Naeba Shokudo. Many artists request to perform here as the unique atmosphere and comfort is a great appeal.


Take a 20 minute ride up the "Drangon-dola" and a paradise in the sky, "Day Dreaming & Silent Breeze" will suddenly appear.
The only thing between you and the beautiful blue skies are the far away clouds! Day Dreaming is back this year revitalised and revamped, and is set to be a musical experience beyond your expectations! Lose yourself in music, and immerse yourself in the unique and relaxing atmosphere of this special area.


A small stage surrounded by forest, located on the boardwalk between the White Stage and Field of Heaven.
Audiences sit on the edge of the boardwalk, or stand amongst the trees to watch performers. Electricity is generated using bio diesel, and this stage has a warm atmosphere that reflects and embraces its harmony with nature.


A magical area produced by candle artist, Candle JUNE.
With a large pyramid overseeing the stage, SANDII holds hula dance sessions and workshops during the day, and at night, the stage hosts performances by mainly acoustic artists, held amongst the beautifully lit candles. Look forward to spontaneous artist sessions here as well.


A large tent inspired by the historical cabaret in Paris, "Moulin Rouge"
In an atmosphere with sparkling, gorgeous decoration, you'll find authentic cocktails and glamorous pole dancing. Table magicians are also scheduled to perform, and of course, we have artists from the Moulin Rouge's home turf Paris, with performances including dance, chanson, and other exciting entertainment.

Every stage has its unique color and distinct atmosphere, and the synergy between each environment and its music create a distinctive experience. Check out the artists that help create this vibe, on our stage-by-stage line up.

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