Yet more to enjoy at Fuji! The MORE FUN AREA!


A week has passed since the time table was announced - have you been able to plan out your schedule yet?
Within the large festival site, aside from the main stages, Fuji Rock has a plethora of intriguing areas to discover.
In your three days surrounded by mother nature and filled with music, make sure visit these spots , and discover a new side of Fuji Rock. Here we will introduce each area and this year's special feature!


Located before the festival entrance, it is marked by a collection of mysterious objects. Be surprised by the mystical performers, have your breath taken away by the daredevil motorcycle riders and enjoy the passionate performances in the Crystal Palace Tent and on the Rookie A Go-Go stage...It's a carnival for adults who want to party all night.
This year there will be the "Strummer School" next to the Rookie A Go-Go stage!
Fuji Rock will always be connected to Joe Strummer, and his unreleased lyrics, set lists, initial drafts and several collections from his personal archive will be on exhibit. It will be a great opportunity to learn more about Joe Strummer. Don't be late!


Grab a bite to eat at one of the many food stands in the OASIS Area, such as the Naeba Shokudo, featuring ingredients grown locally, or food from around the globe at the WORLD RESTAURANT. And don't forget the famous grilled pork that goes perfectly with a cold beer, sure to satisfy even the most hardcore Fuji Rocker out there.

Get all your festival goods, and don't miss your chance to get a autograph from performing artists during the day at the GAN-BAN SQUARE. At night, this spot surprises with secret performances by artists at the DJ Party, "GAN-BAN NIGHT in FUJI ROCK", running all night long and into the morning. Which artist will you meet this year?

A chaotic area with food, drinks, goods, music and surprise happenings. The theme of course, is "close encounters of the third kind".


Under the bright blue Naeba Sky, appreciate the beauty of mother nature and let your kids run free in the Kids Land. There's amusement for the kids in addition to a diaper changing area and a breast-feeding room to support those Fuji Rocker families. Sunlight filters through the leaves in the Forest Playpark and shines on the elaborate hand made playground equipment made by the caring staff. Swing through the forest like Tarzan on the Tarzan Challenge or just take it easy on one of the log benches and check out the stage in the middle of the forest, how you enjoy this area is up to you. Please note that injuries and food are the participants responsibility!

- Amusements at Playpark for Children (Merry-Go-Round, KIDS Paint, Face Painting, Make-Your-Own-Instrument, Picture Quilt Show, Forest Music Show, Bonfire, Candy Store planned!)

♦ Tokoro Tengoku

Check out the coolest place in the festival, located riverside, TOKORO TENGOKU. Enjoy the traditional Japanese festival atmosphere at "Matoya Tengoku" and play the Fuji Rock style shooting game! You can also shop at the kimono shop next door, and the popular coconut straw hat is also sold here. Unique food stalls also gather here such as "Tengoku Jaya" which has homemade Tokoro-ten, clam soup, beef stew and Hoppy on tap. Don't miss the famous Tengoku Burger that uses 100% wagyu, and Wareme-Tengoku from the Solna Cafe, the sumptuous "Soseijin Sausage", "Heidi's Curry", and the local specialty "Yuzawa Hegi Soba Rock".

The mystical and fantastic lighting and video decorate the forest at night, where you can enjoy the midnight out doors theater "Fuji Eigeki".


Fully powered by soft power like bio-diesel and solar power, this area works towards lowering the CO2 emmisions of the festival. With the Gypsy Avalon Stage at its center, this area strives to inform festival goers of issues like human rights, peace, and environmental issues facing our society today with NGO booths, the organic village where you can buy eco-goods, a flea market, work shop and massage tent.


Percussion instruments from around the world await you at the Stoned Circle, a "power spot", located past the furthest stage of the festival, Orange Court. Take part in a drum circle led by a facilitator or start a percussion ensemble with both kids and adults at the festival. Everyone knows about the ASABAN CARAVAN where you can enjoy food or drink, the Vagabond Cafe where you can get pancakes, and a new corner where you can experience the new popular sport of slack lining, where professional slack riders will also do demonstrations.

[Enjoy Fuji Rock footage within the festival site! "Fuji Rock Ch"]

Fuji Rock shows many faces each moment, depending on night and day or the weather. You may even find new discoveries by watching footage of areas that you are already familiar with! Fuji Rock ch is currently showing digest footage and clips of the festival site!
Introducing artists official videos, past documentaries all at once! Watch it and get prepared for the real Fuji Rock!
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