Fuji Rock T-shirts Full Line-up!


You've bought the CD, seen the special feature on TV, double checked everything from your tent to accessories...the last step for your preparation is this.

Full line-up of official T-shirts!


The dolman T-shirts for the ladies are super cute! "FRF High Tee" uses the college style FUJI font, and the original "College T-shirt" is available in three beautiful colors making it all the more difficult to choose from. You can sport a matching "Big Fuji Baby 2013" with your better half or friends, the "Circus T" has a real festival atmosphere, while the "Stencil t-shirt" is all about the used T-shirt feel.

Which one to's a tough decision. But you'll sweat and want to change, get drenched and want to change....even 5 T-shirts won't be enough! Now is your chance to buy them without standing in line!! GREENonRED has a special Fuji Rock site, displaying the various items in an easy-to-browse format, and also carries items other than T-shirts.

In order to receive your package before the festival, purchase your order by midnight July 19th (Fri) !!

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