The Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Project "Benefit for NIPPON" - Efforts by Fuji Rock


The Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Project, Benefit for Nippon, continues to work to support relief efforts through gathering donations, charity concerts and volunteer efforts.

At Fuji Rock, as part of this project, the festival works alongside many people co-operating to make a difference to those effected by the disaster, and hopes to offer festival goers an opportunity to do the same.

"Benefit for NIPPON" Donation boxes are located thoughout the festival

  • Donations gathered will be sent along with the festival's donation to the Fukushima Prefecture Disaster Relief Headquarters. (Amount to be announced via the website at a later date.)
  • Donations from many other Official Supporters will be sent along with the festival's donation.

Several support activities and detailed PR info will be available at the festival.

There's more then one way to support the relief efforts; many organisations, teams and corporations are represented at the festival, and information on their activities will be available.

The festival works to help those in the effected areas as much as possible.
We hope everybody takes part.

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