Everyone's vote counts! The ROOKIE A GO-GO Audition : "Aim for the Main Stage! "


This is a special audition project where ROOKIE A GO-GO performers compete for the right to perform on the 5 main stages- "Aim for the Main Stage! " Project
The 15 performers who were chosen from 1,400 applicants have claimed their spot on the ROOKIE A GO-GO stage this year.

Out of these up and coming artists for whom Fuji Rock has high hopes, one will have a shot to perform on the GREEN STAGE, WHITE STAGE, RED MARQUEE, FIELD OF HEAVEN, or ORANGE COURT next year!

Your vote will be influential in deciding the next artist that follows this last year's winner, Steruss, who earned the right to perform on this year's RED MARQUEE stage.
Let's follow the headliners of tomorrow!

Grab the chance to perform at FRF'14! Aim for next year's main stage!

■First Vote
Votes will be accepted by the ROOKIE A GO-GO stage during FRF'13!

Friday, July 26-Sunday, July 28, ROOKIE A GO-GO performances start from 23:00 each day. Voting boxes will be set up in the stage area.
"I want this band to perform next year! "... "I want to see this band on a bigger stage! "
If you feel this way about any one of the artists, please vote!
(*The results of the first vote will be announced on this website in early August.)

■Second Vote
Accepting your votes on next year's official FRF'14 website!

Online voting will begin in early March 2014 and continue until the end of March on the Fuji Rock official website.
(*Details will be announced once the 2nd voting kicks off.)

After careful deliberation and taking into consideration the results of the two above-mentioned votes as well each participating band's track record, the Fuji Rock Festival Office will select one winner!
(The planned winner selection will be early April 2014)