Artist signing sessions will be held at the Ganban Booth once again this year!


Doing it again this year! Signing sessions and performances at the Ganban Booth.

Signing sessions and acoustic shows at an outdoor booth, an experience only at Fuji Rock. An opportunity to get up close and personal with artists! Come and join us.

"GAN-BAN SQUARE " @ Oasis Area

[ 7/26(Fri) ]

  • 13:00- LOCAL NATIVES (Signing)
  • 14:30- OF MONSTERS AND MEN(Signing Session?MTV Public Recording)
  • 15:30- RON SEXSMITH (Signing?Public interview with Acoustic Guitar Magazine) ...and more
  • 24:30- GAN-BAN NIGHT

[ 7/27(Sat) ]

  • 12:45- PRISCILLA AHN (Signing?Public interview with Acoustic Guitar Magazine)
  • 16:30- Shugo Tokumaru (Signing?Public interview with Acoustic Guitar Magazine) ...and more
  • 24:30- GAN-BAN NIGHT

[ 7/28(Sun) ]

  • 12:30- Ryuhei Koike & Hiroyuki Nagakubo(Signing?Public interview with Acoustic Guitar Magazine)
  • 13:30- LITE (Signing)
  • 15:00- YO LA TENGO (Signing)
  • 16:30- DAUGHTER (Signing Session?MTV Public Recording)...and more
  • 24:30- GAN-BAN NIGHT

*GAN-BAN NIGHT performers will not be announced, all will be secret guests.

Fuji Rock Official Record Shop "GAN-BAN " in the External Shopping Area
(Next to Official Goods Shop)

[7/26(Fri) ]

  • 00:00- FERMIN MUGURUZA KONTRAKANTXA (In-store Show + Signing)
  • 01:00- VERY BE CAREFUL(In-store Show + Signing)

[7/27(Sat) ]

  • 00:00- Kenji Kubo(Talk Show + Signing)

[7/28(Sun) ]

  • 01:00- THE HOT 8 BRASS BAND(In-store Show + Signing)



  • Scheduled events may be delayed or canceled due to artist's unforeseen circumstances and weather.
  • Cancelations and other changes in the schedule will be announced at the booths the day of the event, along with all other related information.