Second and final round of voting for last year's Rookie A Go-Go bands to perform at FRF '13, "Aim For The Main Stage!" Project begins!


This project offers the artists who Fuji Rock considers to be future stars and were chosen out of 1,400 applicants to perform at Rookie A Go-Go last year, a chance to perform at one of the main stages (GREEN STAGE, WHITE STAGE, RED MARQUEE, FIELD OF HEAVEN, ORANGE COURT) this summer.

Last year's inaugural contest finished with the now red hot artist, cero, handily winning a slot to perform at the Field of Heaven.

The first round of voting was done by the audience members at the Rookie A Go-Go stage last year, now the second and final round of voting begins!

Your vote will make a big difference in who wins a chance to play at one of the main stages this summer.

In this second and final round of voting, those who missed last year's performances can check out streamed videos of performances and vote for their favorite band!

[Voting Schedule]

Friday March 1st to Sunday March 31st

[Final Results]

Final results are planned to be announced at the end of April

Check out rare live footage and up to date info on the bands and vote for your favorite artist!
Send the next big name artist to one of the main stages at Fuji Rock with your vote.

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