How to get to the Festival

Area map

Naeba Ski Resort, 202 Mikuni, Yuzawa-machi, Niigata, Japan

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By train

Nearest Station: JR Echigo Yuzawa

Joetsu Shinkansen/Joetsu Line/Hokuritsu Express HokuHoku Line

  • Tokyo - Echigo Yuzawa ('Shinkansen' bullet train) approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Tokyo - Ueno - Takasaki - Echigo Yuzawa (local trains) approx. 3 hours and 40 minutes

Please note the estimated time above does not include transfer and waiting time.

JR Echigo Yuzawa station - Festival site by Shuttle Bus (free)

The free shuttle bus service runs for all ticket holders between the and the festival site.

Guests who stay in Tashiro or Asagai area can use the shuttle bus service to and from the Festival site.

  • Echigo Yuzawa Station - Festival Site (Shuttle Bus) approx. 40 minutes*

*It is an estimate and might vary depending on the traffic

By car

access map

Kanetsu Express Way 'Tsukiyono' IC

Tsukiyono IC - Festival Site (33km on Route 17) approx. 45 minutes

  • Nerima IC - Tsukiyono IC (Kanetsu Express Way 131km) approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes

Kanetsu Express Way 'Yuzawa' IC

Yuzawa IC - Festival Site (21km on Route 17) approx. 30 minutes

  • Tsukiyono IC is convenient for 'on site', 'Shirakaba' and 'Asagai' car parks
  • Yuzawa IC is convenient for 'Kandatsu', 'Mitsumata' and 'Tashiro' car parks

Car Park - Festival Site

  • You can use the free Shuttle Bus from 'Kandatsu', 'Mitsumata' and 'Tashiro' car parks
  • 'on site', 'Shirakaba' and 'Asagai' car parks are walking distance to Festival Site

*Please ensure to obtain a car park pass if you are coming to the festival by car.

By Official Tour

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»FRF Official Tour Centre

Shuttle Bus Time Table and Car Park Hours

Fuji Rock Festival entrance ticket holders can use a shuttle bus for free.
Those who stay in Echigo-Yuzawa, Tashiro, Mitsumata areas can also use the bus.

Echigo Yuzawa - Festival Site

  Echigo Yuzawa - Festival Site Shuttle Bus
Station -› Festival Site Festival Site-› Station
First Last First Last
July 28 (Thu) 12:00 24:00 13:00 25:00
July 29 (Fri) 06:00 24:00 07:00 26:00
July 30 (Sat) 06:00 24:00 05:00 26:00
July 31 (Sun) 06:00 24:00 05:00 26:00
August 1 (Mon)     05:00 12:00
  • Echigo Yuzawa - Festival Site takes about 40 minutes

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