[Benefit for NIPPON] - Fuji Rock's project to support recoverey from Japan Earthquake

A report of Japan Earthquake donation collected at FRF'11

We would like to report that thanks to your support and co-operation, the Fuji Rock Festival office has sent the donation together with fund raised at the festival as below:

[Total amount] ¥9,809,274

[Donated to] Fukushima Prefecture disaster task force headquarters

[Date] 30 August (Tue), 2011

» Details of the raised fund

Benefit for NIPPON is a project to support recovery from Japan Earthquake by fund raising activities and charity concerts with help of volunteer activities

As a part of this project, Fuji Rock will send donations to Fukushima task force HQ to help recover not only from damages from earthquake and tsunami, but also from various future effects caused by Fukushima nuclear power plants.

In addition, with cooperation from a number of people who are involved in the festival in various forms, Fuji Rock will offer a place to get together with guests to support disaster areas.

Support for disaster areas

Donations from fund raising activities listed below will be send to Fukushima Prefecture disaster task force headquarters, along with Fuji Rock's donation.

Fuji Rock Festival will collect your donations

We set up [Benefit for NIPPON] donation boxes in and out of the festival site

Donations from the private sector is a direct support fund that will be distributed fairly to sufferer and can be freely used to put their lives back in order.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

  • The amout of donations will be announced at this website at a later date.
  • Donation boxes will be placed at the entrance gate and information booths (Outside gate shop area/OASIS area), Official Goods Shops, Artist Goods Shops, Official Media Booths, etc.
  • Those who donate at the entrance gate or the information booth (exclusive to these collection points) can receive [Benefit for NIPPON] writst band until they run out.
    * [Benefit for NIPPON] wrist bands are donated by Candies Japan »http://www.candiesjapan.com

Support activitied by Fuji Rock/NGO Village

NGO Village has been supporting and made donations to children who suffer from natural disaters and wars in the world. This year, the donation will be made to Fukushima prefecture along with funds raised last year.

NGO Village funds details

  • A part of sales from T-shirts at NGO Village and Atomic Cafe
  • A part of sales at Atomic Care, etc.

Support activities by Fuji Rock/official supporters

Official supporters will join Fuji Rock to send donation in various forms. (excerpt)

[BEAMS] A part of the sales of Fuji Rock colaboration T-shirts

[Heineken] A part of the sales of Heineken beer sold in the venue

[Timberland] The sales of sample goods sold at the campsite booth

Activities in the festival

There is no single form of support. In the Fuji Rock Festival site, goups, teams and companies will be conducting support and/or PR activities. Thank you for your co-operation in advance.

Please join us for our cooperation.

*The activities listed below are independent activities from [Benefit for NIPPON]. Please check their purposes and use of raised funds at the festival site.

Atomic Cafe Festival

The anti-nuclear power event 'Atomic Cafe' will be held in the NGO Village and the AVALON stage, supporting the natural energy and promoting the shift of attitudes in society.

[AVALON Stage Program]

•Soul Flower Acoustic Partizan (Soul Flower Union acoustic Ver.)
•Tokiko Kato
•Mannish Boys (Kazuyoshi Kazuyoshi and Tatsuya Nakamura)

‹Guest Talk›
•Yu Tanaka (Mirai Bank Partnership)
•Hideyuki Ban (Nuclear Information Center)
•Hitomi Kamanaka (Film Director)

[NGO Village 'Atomic Cafe' Booth]

•Exhibitions and an open microphone
•Cafe to offer food produced in the Fukushima Prefecture (within limits ??of radiation tests by the prefecture)

»more info

Activities in NGO Village

[NGOs from suffering areas]

[NGOs with energy themes]

Activities in Kids Land

'Nihon Boken Asobibazukuri Kyokai' (Japan Adventure Play Venue Protmotion Association) that is currently helping children's mental care in the disaster area will be conducting support activities and fund raising via creating play area.

The sales at Kid's Land dagashiya (sweets shop) will be all donated.

Activities in Pyramid Garden

[LOVE FOR NIPPON], disaster relief project by various people including Candle JUNE.

  • 'LOVE FOR NIPPON' http://www.lfn.jp/

Activities by A SEED JAPAN

A part of prize for participation to Eco action campaign hosted in Green stage and White stage will contribute to recovery in disaster areas.

Donation will be made to charitable organizations such as Earth Day Tokyo Tower (disaster support) and Tsunagari Nukumori Project (natural energy promotion at disater areas, NPO Instutute for Sustainable Energy Policies, etc)

  • 'LOVE FOR NIPPON' http://www.lfn.jp/

Other activities

In addition, there will be other activities that help people in suffering areas.

Activities by Official Tour Centre

Official Tour Centre will be running a free bus pakage from Tohoku (Sendai).

Activities by major catering participants

  • [Naeba Shokudo] Donates profits from charity T-shirts (donate to Fukushima prefecture)
  • [Asagiri Shokudo] Donates profits from charity bumper stickers (donate to Japan Dairy Council)
  • [Tokoro Tengoku] Donates a part of sales (donate to Fukushima prefecture)


Benefit for NIPPON » http://smash-jpn.com/nippon/index.html

Environmental issues Fuji Rock Festival tackles

Fuji Rock Forest

Aiming at the 'harmonious coexistence of nature and humans', Fuji Rock Festival has made various attempts every year to reduce environmental emissions from the event. Why don't you start trying something you can do to help the environment? Your action will change the future of the earth.

Fuji Rock Forest Project

Many forestation efforts were abandoned, and the area around Fujirock is not an exception. In order to keep the planted forests healthy, it is essential to thin out the forest and keep the soil clean and free of undergrowth. In addition, forests help prevent soil erosion, thus preventing landslides and mudslides, and help avoid accidents during heavy rains and earthquakes.

For this reason, this year Fujirock, together with the people of Niigata prefecture, the town of Yuzawa and Naeba locals, began the "Fuji Rock Forest Project".

Naeba (Fujirock) Forestation

new power gear

In 2002, Fujirock, together with the people of Naeba and the efforts of many volunteers, has created the "Naeba Independence Boardwalk", which allowed disabled people in wheelchairs to enjoy nature walks.
Those who have been to Fuji Rock before already known the pleasure of walking down the boardwalk and basking in the beauty of the forest. This year, with the cooperation of the forestry agency, we are putting yet more effort into the conservation of the vast nature (National Forest) around the boardwalk.
In addition, along with the extension of the boardwalk and research into various ways to "enjoy the forest" further, we aim to improve the forest conservation activities around the Fuji Rock site.

Fujirock paper [Cooperation]:Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. (Inc.)]

While performing forest maintenance, we found cut down "wasted trees" and decided to take advantage of it, which was the birth of "Fujirock paper".
Wood gathered in the forests near the Fujirock venue in Niigata and Yuzawa was used as the raw material for the creation of the "Fujirock paper", a free paper the circulation of which promotes the circulation of the forest cycle and it's connection to the threatened Niigata and Yuzawa forests.

Free paper "FESTIVAL ECHO" June 10, 2011 edition!]

new power gear

Out of stock everywhere every year!For all festival lovers, the extremely popular "fes eco"!
This year, as the first challenge of the Fuji Rock Forest project, this free paper was produced using the Fujirock paper. By producing the paper to produce "Festival Echo", we can help the forest circulate and revitalise...
Distribution points: All HMV, TOWER RECORDS, BEAMS stores (with a few exceptions), CHUMS, MERRELL, OSHMAN'S, Timberland and other outdoor stores

The "Fuji Rock Forest" project council

Niigata Prefecture, Naeba-machi, Yuzawa tourist boards, Naeba Board Walk Group, Prince Hotel, Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co, Ltd. (Inc.), Smash.

'NEW ENERGY' to operate the Festival


new power gear

Since 2005, the Festival has introduced the campaign 'NEW POWER GEAR' in an attempt to reduce CO2 emission by introducing Bio Diesel Fuel (BDF*) and solar power.

[7,200 litre of BDF contributed to reduction of CO2 by 19,008kg]
The project aims to lower pollution by refining oil from recycled cooking oil, and solar power. In 2011, BDF* (36 drums =7,200 litre) was used as fuel for the power generators and the power-supply car for stages to reduce 19,008kg of CO2 ( assuming 1 litre of light oil produces 2.64kg of CO2).

The use of clean energy was introduced in 2005 and it has now expanded to all energy in FIELD OF HEAVEN including the stage, AVALON FIELD, BOARD WALK, mokudo tei and some energy in campsite.

*Bio Diesel Fuel (BDF):
CO2 created by burning is considered to be offset by the amount of CO2 absorbed in the process of growing plants.

Clean Energy Promotion Campaign

The Festival has introduced various campaigns as a part of clean energy awareness promotion


[Let's keep playing the Festival's theme song 'Let's go to the country' by Kiyoshiro Imawano]
Many audience participated to have a go on the pedal power bicycle generator at the entrance gate to keep playing the Festival's theme song 'Let's go to the country' by Kiyoshiro Imawano. Participants received a special NEW POWER GEAR original green power certificate.

Also experimented were 'power gerating floor (power generated by stomping on floor)', 'frying eggs by solar power' and a now popular 'solar power mobile phone charger' at NGO village.

Participating in the global activities

Fuji Rock Festival has joined the international environmental body 'FUTURE FOREST' in 2002 and planted trees at various locations in the world to offset CO2 produced in the event. In 2006, the Festival also joined the launch of the international environmental fund 'Global Cool', which was founded to prevent global warming. The Festival has offered oppotunities for guests to think about global environmental issues by supporting a variety of activities from global to grass root levels.


ngo village

‘NGO VILLAGE' located in the Avalon Field is where you can face social issues that you may keep a distance from in daily life, by talking with each NGO staff and workshops.

This year's theme is 'global warming/natural energy' and 'biodiversity/forests'

Fuji Rock Festival is looking for grass root NGO organisations in a relatively small scale that would like to participate to introduce 'social issues' and provide the audience opportunities to make action.

2 themes and 13 participants

Global warming / Natural Energy Renewable Energy Promoting People's Forum (REPP) http://www.repp.jp/
Citizen's Nuclear Information Center http://www.cnic.jp/
Atomic Cafe  
Energy Shift Parade http://www.enepare.org/
Biodiversity / Forests pangeaseed http://www.enepare.org/
Specified Non Profit Corporation Satoyama Hozen Saisei network http://satoyama-saisei.net/
NPO Corporation Choma Club http://www.chomaclub.jp/
The "Fuji Rock Forest" project council  
Others CALCUTTA RESCUE http://www.calcuttarescue.org/
SEED JAPAN Water Source WATCH! project / People's Water Forum http://www.aseed.org/asj_water/
Ugoku -> Ugokasu http://www.ugokuugokasu.jp/
Tono Magokoro Network http://tonomagokoro.net/
OGA for Aid http://www.ogaforaid.org/

NGO Village Talk

A talk program for those who are not only interested in music but also in social issues

Place: New Power Gear Stage / Gypsy Avalon

July 29 (Fri) 11:00-11:45
theme: from Tohoku to the world'
July 30 (Sat) 11:00-11:45
theme: 'Energy Shift'
July 31 (Sun) 11:00-11:45
theme: 'International Forest Year'

Recycling within the Festival

Zero Rubbish Guidance

zero rubbish

Since 1998, the international NGO 'A SEED JAPAN' has been leading Fuji Rock Festival’s recycling program. The 'No rubbish' campaign works in co-operation with many volunteers and visitors to prevent littering and to promote the recycling of waste. Fuji Rock aims to be the 'cleanest festival in the world'.

Recycling projects

Collected resources are recycled to be used as eco-goods in the following year.
•Rubbish bags made from recycled plastic bottles
•Toilet paper made from recycled paper cups and cigarette packs

In addition, various projects were implemented to promote awareness towards recycling

[Plastic bottles transformed into staff jackets]


jacket from recycled plastic bottles

The plastic bottles collected in the previous year were re-generated into fabric, to create 2,000 staff jackets. A jacket takes 10 plastic bottles. 20,000 bottles (500kg) created 2,000 jackets.

[Chopsticks transformed into particle boards]

Used chopsticks were collected to be recycled into particle boards that can be used as fuels for heating and boiler facilities.

Environmentally friendly utensils

All food stalls utilise more environmentally friendly eating utensils and chopsticks made from wood by domestic lumber thinning.
•Utensils made from non-wood materials such as sugarcane trash
•Chopsticks made from wood by domestic lumber thinning, which also contribute to regeneration of woods
•Cups made from 100% bio-degradable materials of plant origin (trial introduction)

Supporting Organizations for Fuji Rock Festival Environmental Projects

A SEED JAPAN / rainbow echo / Renewable Energy Promoting People's Forum (REPP) / PV Owner Network / ITALOH DESIGN / CSE / Someya Shoten/ greenapple / AKTIO / MITSUHO Generate / OMNI international / Camp Yorozu Sodanjo (Camping Info Centre)

beamstower records

This year's Official Prizes


FRF'11 Official Presents 'Nikon D5100 digital single-lens reflex camera' and 'Virgin Atlantic Tokyo-London Return Tickets'

Don't miss out a chance to win fantastic presents! Again, this year's special presents are a Nikon's digital single-lens reflex camera 'D5100 lense kit' and a pair of premiere economy return tickets to London sponsored by Virgin Atlantic!!

Nikon digital single-lens reflex camera 'D5100 lense kit'

Nikon's special offer returns this year. A special present to enhance your creativity.

» more (in Japanese)

Virgin Atlantic 'Tokyo-London return tickets'

(sponsored by Virgin Atlantic)
Virgin Atlantic, now familiar in Fuji Rock again offers premiere tickets this year.

» more (in Japanese)


Enjoy the movies selected by Fuji Rock at the outdoor theatre by the river.

July 29 (Fri) "It Might Get Loud - The Edge, Jimmy Page, Jack White x life x guitar" 24:00-

"Bagdad Café - new director's cut" 25:40-
July 30 (Sat) "Otokowa tsuraiyo shibamata bojo" 24:00-


July 29(Fri)

"It Might Get Loud - The Edge, Jimmy Page, Jack White x life x guitar" (24:00-)

otokowa tsuraiyo

The miraculous session by three electric guitar superstars! A documentary about 'life' full of love and 'guitar', directed by Davis Guggenheim (Academy award winner 'An Inconvenient Truth').

It Might Get Loud tells the personal stories, in their own words, of three generations of electric guitar virtuosos – The Edge (U2), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), and Jack White (The White Stripes). It reveals how each developed his unique sound and style of playing favorite instruments, guitars both found and invented. Concentrating on the artist’s musical rebellion, traveling with him to influential locations, provoking rare discussion as to how and why he writes and plays, this film lets you witness intimate moments and hear new music from each artist. The movie revolves around a day when Jimmy Page, Jack White, and The Edge first met and sat down together to share their stories, teach and play.

Special preview at CINEMA FUJI! Country wide release from September 9 (Fri) at TOHO cimemas, Roppongi Hills, etc.


"Bagdad Café - new director's cut" (25:40-)

otokowa tsuraiyo

With the heartfelt masterpiece "Calling You", a wonderful story of two ladies meeting in the desert. They are still calling you after 20 years.

Jasmine, a German tourist, and Brenda, an American cafe&motel boss. Two women who have recently separated from their husbands and their blossoming friendship.

It has been an legendary 'mini theare' movie since its release in 80s, along with its masterpiece 'Calling You'. CINEMA FUJI will show the new director's cut version, with colour and trimming re-adjusted by the director Percy Adlon in 2008.

Blue-Ray c 'Bagdad Café' on sale now!


July 30(Sat)

"Otokowa tsuraiyo shibamata bojo" (24:00-)

otokowa tsuraiyo

The 9th episode of a well-known Japanese film series about a kind-hearted vagabond Tora-san.
This episode's madonna is Sayuri Yoshinaga.


"THE ATOMIC CAFE" (25:50-)

atomic cafe

The sensational documentary film that questions the myth of nuclear safety. The film covers the beginnings of the era of nuclear warfare, created from a broad range of archival film including news clips, goverment PR films, radio programs., etc

A documentary film about nuclear weapons, released in 1982. Directed by Kevin Rafferty and Jayne Loader Pierce Rafferty. Created from newsreels clips from 1940 to 1950, US government PR films, nuclear experiments, Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombing and television/radio programs. The sound tracks are all related to nuclear weapons. The directors Kevin and Pierre Rafferty brothers are cousins of President Bush and known as a master for Michael Moore of 'Fahrenheit 9/11'. The film questions the myth of nuclear safety whether it being for weapons or power generation.


ROOKIE A GO-GO artists announced

rookie a go-go logo

'ROOKIE A GO-GO' supported by Strummerville

15 finalists out of 1,300 applications are now announced.

July 29 (Fri) AWAYOKUBA AWAYOKUBA http://www.myspace.com/awayokuba
sukippara ni sake sukippara ni sake http://www.myspace.com/skpprnsk
SiM SiM http://www.myspace.com/silenceismine/
mOt mOt http://www.myspace.com/umezima
The kingstompers The kingstompers http://www.myspace.com/thekingstompers
July 30 (Sat) KING COLUMBIA KING COLUMBIA http://www.myspace.com/kingcolumbia
cero cero http://www.myspace.com/cerofan
NOKIES! NOKIES! http://www.myspace.com/nokiestheband
matashita89 matashita89 http://www.myspace.com/matasita89
ZeZeZaZa ZeZeZaZa http://www.myspace.com/zezezaza
July 31 (Sun) TADZIO TADZIO http://www.myspace.com/tadzio.jpn
yahchaika yahchaika http://www.myspace.com/yahchaika
Super Spreaders Super Spreaders http://www.myspace.com/superspreaders
THE XXs THE XXs http://www.myspace.com/thexx2
helmets helmets http://www.myspace.com/helmetsblues



FUJI ROCK DAYS vol.2 in Shinjuku!

FUJI ROCK DAYS are not limited to Shibuya! FUJI ROCK DAYS in TOWER RECORDS Shinjuku!

Dates July 22(Fri), 23(Sat), 24(Sun) 11:00-23:00
Place TOWER RECORDS Shinjuku special booth
Events Special prize draw, FRF live & documentary movie clip
How to Collect prize draw tickets by purchasing specified goods at TOWER RECORDS Shinjuku
Prizes Outdoor goods, FRF official good etc

[BEAMS Shibuya/Harajuku area]

Fuji Rock sections in BEAMS Shibuya, BEAMS BOY Shibuya, BEAMS Harajuku and BEAMS T Harajuku from June 6 (Sun)! Popular Fuji Rock - BEAMS collaboration T-shirts on sale. Your shopping will be in a special colaboration shopping bag limited to this season.


Not limited to Shibuya but stretched to Shinjuku, Kichijoji and even Chiba!? Fuji Rock campaign in TOWER RECORDS and OSHMAN'S. The event will be held in more shops this year! You'll win a great prize by lottery if you purchase selected items in the shops.

Date June 10(Sat)-July 31(Sun)
Shops [TOWER RECORDS] Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Kichijoji, Machida, Chiba
[OSHMAN'S] Shinjuku, Harajuku, Ikebukuro, Kichijoji, Machida, Chiba, Futagotamagawa
Prizes Purchase selected items in TOWER RECORDS and OSHMAN'S listed above to recive a special postcard and post it!
Dates 1st draw closing: July 8 (Fri)
2nd draw closing: August 5 (Fri)
* A special post card will be distributed until July 31 (Sun).

* Please check panels for details of the campaign.

FUJI ROCK DAYS in SHIBUYA PARCO June 11(Sat) - 12 (Sun)

Fuji Rock Festival special stall, presented by Fuji Rock Official Shop GANBAN, in front of Shibuya Parco PART 1 main entrance!

Date June 11(Sat)-12(Sun) 10:00-20:00
Place Shibuya PARCO Part1 Koen Dori Entrance
Events FRF '11 ticket sale / Prize draw / official goods sale / discount sale / Fuji Rock food stalls
To qualify for prize draw Purchase FRF '11 tickets on the day at a special booth or at GANBAN
Prize Prince hotel accommodation voucher / tour bus ticket / artists goods

FUJI ROCK DAYS in TOWER RECORDS Shibuya June 11(Sat)-12(Sun)

Special two days with a chance to win great presents!

Date June 11(Sat)-12(Sun) 10:00-20:00
Place TOWER RECORDS Shibuya 1F main entrance
Events FRF '11 ticket sale / Prize draw / Footages from past FRF
To qualify for prize draw Receive prize tickets by purchasing qualifying goods at TOWER RECORDS Shibuya. Purchase the festival tickets on the day.
Prize Prince hotel accommodation voucher / tour bus ticket / outdoor goods


Newly joining Fuji Rock Days this year!

Date June 11(Sat)-12(Sun) 11:00-20:00
Place SHIBUYA TSUTAYA special booth
Events FRF '11 ticket sale / Prize draw / Footages from past FRF
To qualify for prize draw Receive prize tickets by purchasing qualifying goods at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA. Purchase the festival tickets on the day.
Prize Prince hotel accommodation voucher / tour bus ticket / outdoor goods



'FUJI ROCK DAYS in OSAKA', a popular campaign at various TOWER RECORDS shops! GANBAN from Tokyo will appear in OSAKA this year for this campaign!!

June 10 (Fri) - 12 (Sun) @ TOWER RECORDS

A chance to win great presents, special footages from past festivals and documentary, dispay of outdoor goods, etc. It will be special two days for both those who booked tickets and those who are still not sure.

Dates and places

June 10 (Fri 13:00-21:00) TOWER RECORDS Umeda Maru Building
June 11 (Sat 12:00-20:00) TOWER RECORDS Umeda NU Chayamachi
June 12 (Sun 12:00-20:00) TOWER RECORDS Nanba


Your chance to win special presents including a 'official bus tour + campsite sit ticket', Fuji Rock original merchandises and outdoor goods. A little something for everyone who participates! Let's collect a lottery ticket that is given out when you purchase listed items at 5 TOWER RECORDS shops.

Purchase qualifying good at 5 shops below
Collection points TOWER RECORDS Umeda Osaka Maru Building, Umeda NU Chayamachi, Nanba, Kyoto, Kobe
Prize ticket distibution period Until June 12 (Sun)
Purchase FRF'11 ticket at 2 shops below
Collection points TOWER RECORDS Umeda NU Chayamachi
Prize ticket distibution period Until June 12 (Sun)

FRF Official Shop GANBAN in Osaka @ GO OUT SHOP

For a limited time, GANBAN will appear in a shop prouced by an outdoor fashion magazine 'OUTDOOR STYLE GO OUT' in a popular shopping building E-ma. FRF'11 tickets and Fuji Rock goods will be on sale. The shop will feature Fuji Rock Festival for a month. The closing day will host a prize draw as a part of FUJI ROCK DAYS.


Open period: June 10 (Fri) - July 10 (Sun)
Open hours: 11:00 - 21:00
Place: E-ma 'GO OUT SHOP'
Tickets on sale: Entrance tickets, campsite tickets

FUJI ROCK DAY IN GO OUT SHOP July 9(Sat) - 10 (Sun)

Dates TOWER RECORDS Umeda Maru Building
Prizes Purchase selected items or FRF'11 ticket in E-ma 'GO OUT SHOP' to receive a prize draw ticket
Prize ticket distibution period June 10 (Sat) - July 10 (Sun)



Fuji Rock Day in Nagoya on June 26 (Sun) @ TOWER RECORDS Nagoya Parco

The Fuji Rock Day started last year in Nagoya will be held this year again. A chance to win great presents, special footages from past festivals and documentary, dispay of outdoor goods, etc. TOWER RECORDS will turn into mini Naeba. It will be a special day for both those who booked tickets and those who are still not sure.

Date and Place

Date June 26 (Sun) 12:00-20:00

Prize Draw

Collect prize tickets at 2 TOWER RECORDS shops. Prizes include bus tour tickets + campsite tickets, outdoor goods and artists goods. A small prize for everyone. Purchase selected items and collect a prize draw tickets at the shops below.

To qualify for prize draw TOWER RECORDS Nagoya PARCO, TOWER RECORDS Nagoya Kintetsu Passe
Prize ticket distriution period Until June 26 (Sun)

Auto camp 'MOON CARAVAN'

moon caravan

Located at the far end of the festival, the auto camp 'MOON CARAVAN' is
on flat ground surrounded by the mountains, and is very popular for
families and friends who want to enjoy 4 full days of the festival.

Auto camp facility 'MOON CARAVAN'

  • 4 night auto camp only area
  • The use of the auto camp area 'MOON CARAVAN' is limited to ticket holders who have both a "MOON CARAVAN" car park pass and accompanying campsite ticket. Regular car park passes and campsite tickets are not valid in this area.
    » ticket type
  • Entry/departure is limited and not allowed outside the specified times.
  • The ticket will be invalid if guests arrive later than stated entry time, and guests will not be able to use the area/facility. In this case, it will not be possible to replace the invalid ticket with one for the other car parking facilities. Please carefully choose your tickets that suit your plans before purchase.


Place A flat ground area at the far end of the festival, originally used as a football pitch. 30 minute + walk from the main entrance gate.
*Considered to be 'outside the festival area', as it is a regular camp site.
Space 6mx6m per car park pass (i.e., per car)
* The space is for both the car and tent. You cannot exceed your allocated area.
No. of users Up to 4 people in the allocated space.
Facilities Water, toilet and shower facilities dedicated to the area as well as an onsite shop.
[Shower] 24 hours
[Shop opening hours] July 28 (Thu) - 31 (Sun) 9:00-16:00 daily
[BBQ area] July 28 (Thu) 9:00-16:00 only (for a fee)
* The above hours are provisional. It may change on the day.
* Fires are not allowed on the camp site. However, unlike the regular campsite, you can use your cooking stoves within your allocated area.
About pets Dogs are allowed in the area but they must be kept in a lead, except for in the dog run area.
* Dogs are not allowed inside the festival site.
* Staff are not to look after dogs. Food for your pets will not be available.
* Dogs must be under your own care and you must be responsible for them.

Rules and provisions

Car entry/departure time Entry: July 28 (Thu) meet at 9:00
Departure: August 1 (Mon) 11:00
*Entry/departure is limited to the above and not allowed outside the specified time.
*Entry requires driving through the festival site and needs to be completed before other guests arrive at the festival. Therefore, the festival cannot accommodate cars which fail to arrive at the specified time.
* The ticket will be invalid if guests arrive later than stated entry time, and guests will not be able to use the area/facility. In this case, it will not be possible to replace the invalid ticket with one for the other car parking facilities.
Entry registration After parking at MOON CARAVAN, please exchange all tickets (entrance and campsite) with wrist bands for all parties in your group. The exchange is for MOON CARAVAN users only and the area cannot be used if you do not wear a MOON CARAVAN wrist band.
*If a member of your group arrives later (the car cannot be late), please follow the procedure below.
1) Please exchange the ticket for a wrist band at the wrist band exchange outside of the festival entrance
[hours of exchange] July 28 (Thu) 18:00 - 23:00 July 29 (Fri) - 31(Sun) 9:00-22:00 daily
2) Please walk to MOON CARAVAN through the festival site after entry. (Please be aware it is quite a walk)
3) Please ensure to hold your own ticket if you arrive late. You cannot exchange it with a wrist band if others are holding your ticket.
Entry to the festival MOON CARAVAN is located 'outside' the festival site. The entry to the main festival site from MOON CARAVAN is open until all programs finish each day.
* The entry from the festival site to MOON CARAVAN area is open until 30 minutes after all programs are finished.

Terms and conditions

  • The use of auto camp 'MOON CARAVAN' is limited to the holders of dedicated car park pass and campsite tickets.
  • 'MOON CARAVAN' campsite tickets cannot be purchased separately.
  • 'MOON CARAVAN' is for 4 nights and entry/departure is limited. No entry/departure is allowed outside the specified time above.
  • The ticket will be invalid if the guests arrive later than the entry time, and you will be unable to use the area/facility. It cannot be replaced with tickets for other car park facilities.
  • The auto camp 'MOON CARAVAN' cannot be used unless the users agree to the detailed rules and provisions. The ticket purchasers are considered to have agreed to them, so please read them carefully before purchasing.
  • 6m x 6m space is allocated per MOON CARAVAN car park pass. You cannot exceed this allocated space.
  • Any vehicles other than 4 wheel automobiles that are less than 6m in length cannot use MOON CARAVAN. Micro buses and camping cars that are longer than 6m as well as motor bikes cannot use this area. Please check your vehicle registration certificate in advance.
  • The production and site will not be responsible for any accidents and thefts in MOON CARAVAN area.
  • No fires are allowed.
  • Car engines must be kept turned off while parked in the area.

FUJIROCKERS DVD new package release

A new version of the 'FUJIROCKERS' DVD was released in March last year, as a thank you to Kiyoshiro Imawano, and as a upgrade from the 2008 version. The history of Fuji Rock Festival, from '97 to '07, is included in this DVD!



Attached to this new version is a special bonus DVD (not for sale separately), including 20 minutes of footage from the Imawano Kiyoshiro tribute performance that took place at Fuji Rock '09.

FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL July 25 (Sat) 2009 / Green Stage

Imawano Kiyoshiro Special Message Orchestra

NICE MIDDLE with New Blue Day Horns

LIVE version 'JUMP', BG version 'Going Up The Country', 'Oh! RADIO' and more

approx. 20 minutes

Package contents

Release date March 24, 2010
Product ID IEBP-10047~48
Price ¥5,250 (¥5,000 without tax )
DVD spec [FUJIROCKERS DVD main discs]
DVD dual layer double discs, main feature 296 mins

DVD single layer disc, main feature 20 mins

tall case/36 page booklet (images of past posters etc)
Selling agency/
WHD Entertainment

* Please note the following track that was in the previous release (IEBP-10018-19, July 2008) is not included in this new release due to the right holders disposition.


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