Frequently asked questions

What shall I wear at the Festival?

Comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movement and non-slip trekking shoes are recommended.

The weather of the mountain is likely to vary and an extreme drop or rise in temperature is not rare. Please prepare your clothing so you can deal with all weather conditions. Water proof jackets and shoes will be very useful.

Bees, wasps and ticks reside in the area. Loose fitting clothes and exposing your skin should be avoided to prevent insects coming in your clothing.

I am a newbie fujirocker. I am not sure what to take with me.

Here are some points that you may find useful when preparing your luggage.

  • Raincoat (proper one for camping & hiking) as no umbrellas are allowed in the festival site.
  • Hand towels (Handy as sun shade, wipe, cooler, etc.)
  • Extra change of clothes (in case of rain, sweat, mud)
  • Hat (to avoid sunburn, heat). A must.
  • Portable ashtray. A must for a smoker.
  • Warm jacket (Gets cold at night. Waterproof parkas can be used as raincoat as well)
  • Rubbish bin bag (very useful)
  • Pocket tissue (in case there's no toilet paper)
  • Instant rescue set (so that you can take care of any minor injuries)
  • Torch/Flashlight

It may be convenient to have both hands free. Make sure to look after your belongings.

Who can use the Priority Tent?

The priority tent is located at the far back of the Green stage audience area and is reserved for the following people only:

  • People with disabilities and an accompanying person.
  • Pregnant people and an accompanying person.
  • Preschool age children and a parent/carer.

The use of the priority tent is strictly limited to the above.

Please note:

  • An accompanying person cannot be more than one.
  • The entry by a group of people is not allowed even if the group includes a person listed above.
  • The priority tent is a rest station. Please refrain from using the tent for long periods and/or leaving your belongings.
  • If you would like to use the tent, please inform the area attendant.
  • Please be reminded that the space is limited and not guaranteed for your use when crowded.

Is it possible to join the festival in a wheel chair?

Green stage area wheelchair space

The spacial space is reserved for people in wheechair at the Green stage audience area.  The use is limited to people in wheelchair and one attendant.

Wheel chair access toilets

Special toilets can be located in the outside gate shop area, by the entrance gate and in Orange Court area.

Guests with disabilities

If you have disabilities and cannot properly view the performances on stage, please tell the staff in the sound & lighting control booth, so that we can help you get a better view.

If you are a physical disability certificate holder, please contact us for important information at 03-5720-9999 weekdays 12:00-18:00 before July 12 (Fri).

Is there a nursing area?

If you need a nappy/diaper changing and/or nursing place, you can use Kids Land and/or the rescue tent.

  • Please refrain from using the rescue tent for the children's rest and you must not leave the children there unaccompanied.
  • We don't supply nappies. Please bring your own.

Is there a play area for children?

'KIDS LAND' has facilities set up specially for children. Please be reminded you must not leave the children there unaccompanied.

From what age a child need an entrance ticket?

Primary school age children or under 12 years of age are free to enter the site as long as they are accompanied by their carers.

Can I bring glass bottles or cans?

Glass bottles and cans are not allowed in the festival site as well as the following items:

  • Tents, tarp shelters, flysheets and parasols as well as any installed objects that obstruct others view
  • Fireworks, explosives and any illegal substances
  • Pets or animals

Can I use an umbrella?

Use of an umbrella is not allowed in the Festival. Sharp tips cause hazards and It is dangerous when obstructing others field of vision. It is not useful in downpour of rain as it gets easily blown off. Please bring a proper water-proof jacket for camping or mountain hiking.

Can I sleep in a car?

You can but please turn off the engine.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not allowed in the festival site.

Is there any policy about smoking?

Non smoking area

Mosh pit, the front area beyond the sound/lighting tower of each stage and Kids Land are all non-smoking. Please observe the rule fully.

No smoking while walking

Please do not smoke while walking.

Please bring a portable ashtray and refrain from smoking where your smoke can affect other people.

Can I use a leisure sheet or a foldable chair?

Leisure sheets are allowed in the festival as well as the following:

  • Baby buggies with or without parasols and foldable chairs (ones that can be put away easily) can be used in the festival site.

Allowed areas

  • At the far back of the audience area only
  • Use is limited to behind the pathway (mountain side) at the Green Stage area. Please be prepared to put it away when you hear an announcement asking you to do so.
  • Please put it away when crowded.
  • Please refrain from staking out a space by leaving your leisure sheet.
  • Please make sure you take your leisure sheet with you when you leave the area.
  • If your leisure sheet is left unattended, Festival staff will remove it.

Can I use a tent, flysheet, tarpaulin shelter, or parasol?

Tents, tarpaulin shelters, flysheets and parasols are not allowed in the festival site.

The increased use of such equipment obstructs other people's view and takes up too much space, leaving others struggling to find a space when it gets busy. It was witnessed in the past festival years that unattended equipments created a huge block of empty space that could have been used by other guests who had no space to stand to see the stage. Please do not install any equipment (including tents, parasols, flysheets or tarp shelters) that occupies too much space and obstructs the view of other people.

Can credit cards be used?

Credit cards can be used at the following areas:

The shops that take credit card

  • Official merchandise booth / Artist goods booth (@ Green Stage area)
    (Please note that credit cards can only be used for purchases of ¥5,000 yen or more. Installment payment method is not available.) Cards which can be used: VISA / MASTER CARD / DEBIT CARD
  • Official GAN-BAN shop (@ shop area outside of the festival entrance)
    (Please note that credit cards can only be used for purchases of ¥5,000 yen or more. Installment payment method is not available.) Cards which can be used: VISA / MASTER CARD / JCB / AMERICAN EXPRESS / DINERS CLUB

*Conditions for use of credit card:

There is no exclusive lane for credit card users therefore please mention that you would like pay by card when checking out. Please note that may be a chance that your card cannot be processed due to the time of day etc and we ask for your understanding.

Is there a place where I can charge my mobile phone?

Not as a service offered by the festival production. (Some stalls may offer offer such service)

Is there a signal for my mobile phone?

Yes but the quality of signal depends on your provider. There may be times when your connection is poor.

Is there any ATM?

Not in the festival site and adjacent area. Please bring enough cash and look after it.

Can I use a courier service?

  • Delivery available from convenience stores nation-wide!
  • Pick up at your address available from Yamato Transport, etc.
    [For more info: Yamato Transport Service Center: 0120-01-9625 (Nation-wide)


[When Packing Your Bags]
Please try to pack all items into one bag instead of combining numorous bags into one item,
(Bags may come apart during transportation and be damaged or lost, etc.)

Leave Plenty of Time for it to Arrive
Delivery time from the closest delivery center to the festival is approx 1 hour. Please note that traffic restrictions will be in effect beginning Thursday evening so deliveries will become difficult.

Please note that delivery times cannot be designated!

  • Do not lose your package "waybill" and be sure to bring it with you to the festival.
  • Be sure to check ahead of delivery as some items cannot be transported due to size, shape, etc.
  • Use of these services constitutes a contract between the delivery company and yourself. The festival will not take any responsibility for lost or damaged baggage.
  • Please contact the delivery company for further details and or information.

Delivery Details for Waybill

[Delivery Address]
Fuji Rock Naeba Yamato Transport Baggage Center
202 Mikuni, Yuzawa-cho, Minami Uonuma-gun, Niigata 949-6292 
Your Name (in Katakana)

[ Sender]
Phone Number: Your cell phone number
Address: Your address
Name: Your name (in Katakana)

[ Delivery Date]
Please be sure to enter the date you will be picking up the bag(s).

courier form

Baggage Pick Up and Drop Off Times at the Festival

July 25th, Thursday:12:00PM to 1:00AM
July 26th, Friday:7:00AM to 1:00AM
July 27th, Saturday:7:00AM to 1:00AM
July 28th, Sunday:7:00AM to 1:00AM
July 29th, Monday:6:00AM to 12:00PM noon
*Baggage cannot be picked up or dropped off at times other then the above so please be careful.
*Smaller bags can be kept at the Yamato Transport Booth during the festival. Please see "Is there somewhere I can leave my bags" for more info.

Baggage Pick Up Center

The Yamato Baggage Pick Up Center is located at the Fuji Rock Festival Shop Area located outside the festival gates.

courier desk map

*Please note that the pick up for those who are sending bags ahead as part of a Tour Bus package is different.

Is there somewhere I can leave by bags?

Baggage can be left at the Yamato Transport Baggage Pick Up Center located at the Fuji Rock Festival Shop Area located outside the festival gates. (Same Place as Bag Centre)
*Bags you do not need during the festival can be left here.
*Bags will be limited to the same size restrictions as for delivery service.
*Please do not leave any valuables in the bags as safety cannot be guaranteed.

Baggage pick up and drop off times

July 25th, Thursday:12:00PM to 1:00AM
July 26th, Friday:7:00AM to 1:00AM
July 27th, Saturday:7:00AM to 1:00AM
July 28th, Sunday:7:00AM to 1:00AM
July 29th, Monday:6:00AM to 12:00PM noon

*Please note that bags cannot be picked up or dropped off at times other then those listed above.
*Drop off of bags will be accepted until 10:00AM Monday July 29th.

Are there lots of insects that I should be aware of?

Unlike in urban areas, there are insects such as bees, wasps, mosquitos and ticks in the mountain.

Although the production removes dangerous hives before the festival starts, it is not possible to find all hives so please try to be cautious yourself. It is important to be careful about unexpected insect bites in natural surroundings.

  • Please prepare your deterrents and protect yourself.
  • Please do not enter the woods and the restricted areas.

Bees and wasps

  • Don't go near the hives. As long as you don't go near, they won't attack you.
  • Beware of loose fitting clothes as you don't want ants in your pants!
  • Avoid yellow or black clothes or hats. Yellow and black stripes are particularly dangerous!
  • Avoid strong perfume or cosmetics, we recommend you use insect repellant instead.
  • If a bee comes flying around you, move away slowly. If it is already very close to you, try to crouch down very slowly. Due to a bee's nature, you may be able to disappear from its sight by doing so.
  • White hats and clothes are considered relatively safe to wear.


Ticks here are different from the mites that you find in houses. Ticks suck the blood of medium to large animals. If ticks carry viruses when you come in contact with them, it may cause infection. This may result in ill feeling, temperature, bad skin condition and facial palsy.

  • Wear fine fabric with a smooth surface in bright colors.
  • Avoid loose fitting clothes and tuck trouser bottoms into your boots/socks.
  • When you get back to your accommodation, check for any trace of bites. Check also your clothes, hair and scalp in case you carried any ticks with you.
  • When you find a tick on your skin, don't squash it. Pull it off gently, ideally with tweezers. (Within 4 hours if possible)