Virgin Atlantic "Tokyo - London Round Trip Ticket" & Nikon "Nikon1J3 (Standard Zoom Lens Kit)"


Great prizes available again this year! FRF'13 Official Prize Campaign!!
Fuji Rock is offering great prizes again this year.
First up is the ever popular Fuji Rock Official Present, Virgin Atlantic Tokyo to London round trip tickets on Virgin's Premium Economy! One lucky winner will win a pair of tickets!
And next up is another favorite, the Nikon 1 J3 (standard zoom lens kit) that you can start using right away!

[Virgin Atlantic "Tokyo London Round Trip Tickets"]
(Provided by:Virgin Atlantic Airways)
The ever popular Fuji Rock Official Present, Virgin Atlantic Tokyo to London round trip tickets on Virgin's Premium Economy! Enter to win this great prize!

» more (in Japanese)

[NIKON 『Nikon1J3 (Standard Zoom Lens Kit)』]
(Provided by:Nikon Corporation)
Nikon brings you another festival favorite, the digital Nikon 1 J3 with standard zoom lens kit!

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The Fuji Theater, located outdoors along the river brings you a selection of movies only we would pick!

Fri July 26th "Wilko Johnson 'Tokyo Session 2013' at RedShoes" [From Midnight]
"Flashback Memories" [From 25:30]
Sat July 27th "Tora-san, the Matchmaker" [From Midnight]

"Tohoku Live House Daisakusen Documentary" [From 25:30]

Features on Fri July 26th

Wilko Johnson “Tokyo Session 2013” at RedShoes (Showing from midnight)


"Pub rock legend, Dr.feelgood's main guitarist, Mr. Machine Gun Guitar aka Wilko Johnson collaborates for a special one night live with Japanese RR artists who respect him, such as Sheena the Rokkets, Hiroyuki Hanada and Yusuke Chiba."

A live documentary of Wilko Johnson Tokyo Session 2013 held at RedShoes on January 10th, 2013. The session includes organizer Makoto Ayukawa and many other musicians. Editing is minimal as they wanted to convey the atmosphere and excitement of the show.
Rock and rollers don't say much, it's all about the music!
Feel the souls of Wilko Johnson and musicians!

Artists: Wilko Johnson, Benjamin Tehoval, Sheena the Rokkets, Hiroyuki Hanada, Yusuke Chiba, Yoji 'James' Ichikawa, Isao Ishibashi, Kenichi Asai, Tatsuji Nobuhara, Minoru Tezuka

★DVD Release Special: Fuji Rock Special Sneak Preview!
DVD will be on sale Aug. 1st on Green on Red!
*It is Wilko's wish to donate all proceeds of this DVD to fund raising for the Great East Japan Earthquake through "BENEFIT FOR NIPPON"

[For more info]

Flashback Memories (2:20AM)

Flash Back

"A document of musician GOMA who battles memory impairment, capturing his road to recovery with his family.
The music and footage is synchronized, creating this miraculous and heartwarming documentary!"

GOMA is a world renowned musician who plays the didgeridoo, an Australian tribal instrument. He suffered memory impairment from a car accident and was forced to stop his musical activities, and this film documents his battle and road to recovery. Reminiscing through a diary he keeps with his wife in his attempt to keep his memories, the film is a synchronization of footage including his studio live after his recovery, past footage of when he still had his memory and "flashbacks" (a symptom in which an irrelevant image suddenly appears in your mind) created in animation, which is a completely new style of expression that is unique to this heartwarming documentary. The film received the Audience Award at Tokyo International Film Festival, and the NETPAC Prize at Jeounju International Film Festival (theater screenings in 3D and 2D)

★"Flashback Memories Special Edition <2 Disc Set>" will be on sale with GOMA's autograph (limited amount) at the on-site Ganban merch booth prior to its official sales date, Aug .2.

[For more info]

Features on Sat July 27th

"Tora-san, the Matchmaker" (Showing from midnight)

Tora- san

"So she ran out of the chapel...
Good on her
What was the groom's expression like?"

Tora-san helped Hitomi Irie (Kaori Momoi) who was being wooed by the young proprietor of a ryokan in Hokkaido. He ended up staying at the proprietor's ryokan, listening to Hitomi's troubles. One day a while after that, Hitomi ran out on her fiance Kunio Koyanagi (Akira Fuse) on the day of their wedding and came to Toraya still in her wedding dress...Tora-san mistakes Hitomi, originally from a privileged family in Denenchofu for a poor girl from a rural area. Kaori Momoi plays the madonna that shows up at Toraya in her wedding dress. A girl who grew up comfortably now faces marriage blues and reconsiders true happiness. What should Tora-san do...

★Tora-san makes his fifth appearance at Fuji Rock!
Come see the stylish, rock'n'roll Tora-san!
Director Yoji Yamada's 81st and latest movie "Tokyo Family" was released on Blu-ray and DVD on July 6th.
His contribution to the Japanese film industry is tremendous,
and out of all of his movies he has personally selected his gems to be featured in the by-weekly magazine, Yoji Yamada Classics DVD Magazine (total of 25 issues) on sale now.

[For more info]

Tohoku Live House Daisakusen Documentary (Showing from 1:50AM)


"A documentary created by volunteer music video staff, each sharing their individual perspectives of the staff who operate the live houses and everyone involved by focusing on the relationships that were built during the 'Air Jam Tohoku Live House Daisakusen Tour' held from Sep.12th to 16th in 2012 in the cities of Miyako, Ofunato and Ishinomaki. "

[Tohoku Live House Daisakusen]
After the Great East Japan Earthquake struck in 2011, the live engineering team "SPC peak performance" became the core of this relief project. The aim was to create a place for the people to connect, and along with their friends who believe in the power of music, they set out to create live houses in three cities that suffered damages from the tsunami, Miyako and Ofunato in Iwate prefecture, and Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture.
Initially we thought this project would be impossible, but it gradually connected people together, and one small step became one large one---A documentary created by volunteer music video staff, each sharing their individual perspectives of the staff who operate the live houses and everyone involved by focusing on the relationships that were built during the 'Air Jam Tohoku Live House Daisakusen Tour' held from Sep.12th to 16th in 2012 in the cities of Miyako, Ofunato and Ishinomaki.
We are looking for live houses, movie theaters, cafes, schools and community halls nation wide that will screen the Tohoku Live House Daisakusen Documentary. We would like the audience to experience this movie and decide on its value for themselves, so the movie charge will be by donation, to be collected after screening.
All proceeds will be donated to Tohoku Live House Daisakusen.

★"What does live house mean to you?"
Initially, we thought this project would be impossible, but it gradually connected people together, and one small step became one large one...Tohoku Live House Daisakusen Documentary

[For more info]

Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Relief Support Project [Benefit for NIPPON]
- Fuji Rock's Commitment

benefit for nippon


FRF '13 Great East Japan Earthquake Charity Auction Donation Report

Fuji Rock has auctioned off chairs autographed by artists performing at the 5 main stages of the festival. The festival organizing commitee is proud to report the the below funds from the auction have been donated.

[Total Auction Proceeds]¥498,733

[Recipient] Fukushima Prefecture Disaster Relief Headquarters

[Donated to] Fukushima Prefecture Disaster Response Headquarters

[Donation Date] Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

FRF '13 Great East Japan Earthquake Donation Report

We are happy to report the Fuji Rock Festival Organization Committee has made the following donation thanks to everyone's heartfelt donations.

[Total Donation]¥3,546,294

[Recipient] Fukushima Prefecture Disaster Relief Headquarters

[Donated] Thursday August 8th, 2013

For details on the donation please go to » Details of the raised fund

Benefit for NIPPON » http://smash-jpn.com/nippon/index.html

The Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Relief Support Project (Benefit for NIPPON), works to continually support areas effected by the disaster though donations, charity concerts and volunteering.

As part of this project, and with the cooperation of a great many people involved with the festival, we provide a place where we and those who come to the festival can support relief efforts.

Donations and Support Efforts at the Festival

Fuji Rock, considering the long term effects of the tsunami and accident at Fukushima, sends charitable donations gathered at the festival to the Fukushima Prefectural Disaster Relief Headquarters.

Along with the above, Fuji Rock sends donations gathered at the festival to the Fukushima Prefectural Disaster Relief Headquarters.

Fukushima Prefecture Website: Donations for people effected by the disaster still living in the prefecture.
» more info

Fuji Rock accepts donations on site

[Benefit for NIPPON] donation boxes are set up both inside and outside of the festival grounds.
These donations are equally distributed directly to those effected by the disaster and still living in Fukushima Prefecture making it the most direct way of supporting thosewho have been effected.
We kindly ask for your cooperation.

Donation Box Locations Donation boxes are located at the main entrance gate, the information booths (Shop and Oasis areas), etc.
*Donations will be tallied and announced on this website at a later date.

FUJI ROCK / NGO Village Relief Projects

Donations made to the NGO Village for children in wartorn areas will be sent to those effected by the Great East Japan Earthquake again this year.

Relief Organizations ・Benefit for NIPPON
・Organizations Supporting Children in Fukushima (TBA)
NGO Village Donation Breakdown ・Percentage of proceeds from "NGO Village" and "The Atomic Cafe" t-shirt sales
・Percentage of profits from "NGO Village, Café" , etc.

Relief Efforts by Fuji Rock Official Supporters

Official Supporters work along with Fuji Rock in Charity Efforts

[BEAMS] Percentage of profit from sale of Fuji Rock Collabo T-shirts

[Heineken] Percentage of profits from sales of Heineken beer at the festival

Efforts at the Festival

There is no one way to support relief efforts. At Fuji Rock Festival, every organization, team and corporation work to support relief efforts in many different ways.

We ask that everyone takes part and helps out.

*The efforts introduced here are separate from those of [Benefit for NIPPON] and the types use of donations and efforts should be confirmed on-site.

"The Atomic Cafe"

Anti Nuclear Power and Weapons, Reusable Energy Event, "The Atomic Café" is held at the NGO Village and Avalon Stage.

[AVALON Stage Program]

<Participating Musicians>
7.26 CHANGE ENERGY'S (vo Hisashi Kato/g Shinichi Kita/b Jeff/ds cozi)
7.27 Likkle Mai Band
   THE SOLAR BUDOKAN meets Atomic Cafe (Indies Denryoku×Theater Brook)
7.28 Akihiro Namba (Hi-STANDARD,NAMBA69)

<Atomic Café Talk Show>
7.26 Daisuke Tsuda・MonjuKun・Zettai!!Genshiryoku Sentai Suishinjya
7.27 Daisuke Tsuda・Tokiko Kato・Taiji Sato
7.28 Daisuke Tsuda・Hiroki Azuma

[NGO Village "The Atomic Cafe" Booth]

・Open mic event and exhibitions, etc., booths

more info » http://acf.main.jp/

Efforts of the NGO Village

[Introducing a network for valunteering at areas effected by the disaster]

[Information from NGOs supporting relief efforts in disaster effected areas seaking donations]


[Introducing efforts to shift energy sources from nuclear power with energy as a theme]

Efforts at KIDSLAND

[The Japan Play Association works to care for childrens wellness through the creation of playgrounds in disaster effected areas. Information is available at Kidsland and donations are welcome.]

[All proceeds from the candy shop at the KIDSLAND area are donated to charity]


Many founding members such as Candle June have come together to support relief efforts in many different ways through "LOVE FOR NIPPON".
This year we are selling merchandise produced in areas strucked by disaster. Be sure to get yours now!
'LOVE FOR NIPPON' http://www.lfn.jp/

Other Efforts

The festival strives to support those in disaster effected areas through many different ways.

Efforts by the Tour Center

Official Tour Centre will be running a free bus pakage from Tohoku (Sendai).

Efforts by Official Food Booths

  • [Naeba Shokudo] Proceeds from sales of Relief Charity T-shirts donated to Fukushima Prefecture
  • [Asagiri Shokudo] "Save Our Milk" Stickers given to those who make a donation and donations are sent to the Tohoku Milk Association
  • [Tokoro Tengoku] Part of proceeds donated to Fukushima Prefecture

A report of Japan Earthquake donation collected at FRF'11

The Fuji Rock Festival Organization received many donations from festival goers last year and made the following donations. Thank you all for your help and support.

● Activities at FRF'12
[Total amount] ¥8,000,563
[Donated to] Fukushima Pref Disaster Relief Headquarters
[Date] September 13th,2012

● FRF'12 Charity Silent Auction
[Total Sales of Auction] ¥765,385
[Donated to] Fukushima Pref Disaster Relief Headquarters
[Date] October 17th, 2012

Previous activities and donation details can be checked on the Benefit for NIPPON website.

Benefit for NIPPON » http://smash-jpn.com/nippon/index.html


"ROOKIE A GO-GO" supported by Strummerville

rookie a go-go logo

Chosen out of approximately 1,400 applicants, 15 rookie artists have overcome many talented applications from across the country and won their way to Naeba!

[Friday 7/26]
ShizukaniHisomuHibi / ircle / ENTHRALLS / My Hair is Bad / bacho
[Saturday 7/27]
Homecomings / Mitsume / Mori Wa Ikiteiru / Suichu Zukan / Oboreta Ebi No Kenshi Hokokusho
[Sunday 7/28]
Bakudan Johnny / MONSTER TAIRIKU / Oni No Migiude / THE OTOGIBANASHI'S / Mukashi No Tabi crew

This year offers the best new bands in many different kinds of rock in addition to HipHop and instrumental bands that are vital to Rookie A Go-Go!

Artist info available here » http://www.fujirockfestival.com/news/event01.html

'Festival Echo' How Fuji Rock works to protect the environment

Fuji Rock Forest

Aiming at the 'harmonious coexistence of nature and humans', Fuji Rock Festival has made various attempts every year to reduce environmental emissions from the event. Why don't you start trying something you can do to help the environment? Your action will change the future of the earth.

Fuji Rock Forest Project 2013

Fuji Rock Festival has worked with Niigata Pref. and the towns of Yuzawa and Naeba since 2011 to protect the forest environment surrounding the festival site through the Fuji Rockers Forest Project.

Approximately 70% of Japan's surface area is forest land, an astounding 40% of which is planted forest which requires constant upkeep such as weeding and thinning to maintain a healthy ecology.

The reality is that many forests are neglected through lack of care or funds and the forests surrounding the festival are no exception.

The Fuji Rockers Forest Project works to ensure the people who live in the area and those who visit Naeba can continue to enjoy the beautiful environs through the regeneration and utilization of the forest.

Naeba(Fujirock)Forest Boardwalk

new power gear

In 2002, Fujirock, together with the people of Naeba and the efforts of many volunteers, has created the "Naeba Independence Boardwalk", which allowed disabled people in wheelchairs to enjoy nature walks.

The boardwalk is a small barrier-free path where everyone, including those in wheelchairs, can enjoy time in the forest.
This "organic" path is hand built, constructed over the years using only natural wood, without the assistance of heavy machinery or chemical products.
In 2012, over 300 volunteers and locals continued to extend the wooden path supporting its growth.
"Boardwalk Camp", will be held once again in 2013 to advance the extension of the board walk.
Dates and other information will be posted on the website when determined.
Fuji Rock will continue this project together with all those who love nature in all its beauty.

Event will be held the weekends of June 29th and 30th, and July 13th to 15th. Check out the Bordwalk Camp website for more details!
Boardwalk Camp »http://fujirockers.org/?p=4779

[Commendation from the Secretary of the Forestry Agency]

new power gear

The Fuji Rock Forest Project Advancement Committee was awarded a letter of commendation as an organization that contributed to the 2011 International Year of Forests.

The award ceremony was held at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on Friday March 2nd 2012 and was attended by Mr. Morota, Fuji Rock Forest Advancement Committee Vice Chairman, and committee member Mr. Nishimura of Chuetsu Pulp & Paper.

Fujirock paper [Cooperation]:Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.(Inc.)]

While performing forest maintenance, we found cut down "wasted trees" and decided to take advantage of it, which was the birth of "Fujirock paper".
Wood gathered in the forests near the Fujirock venue in Niigata and Yuzawa was used as the raw material for the creation of the "Fujirock paper", a free paper the circulation of which promotes the circulation of the forest cycle and it's connection to the threatened Niigata and Yuzawa forests.
Fuji Rock Paper is used to make paper products such as free papers(Festival Echo), Fuji Rock flyers, official pamphlets and will continue to contribute to the preservation of the forest in every way possible.

[Free paper "FESTIVAL ECHO"]

new power gear

2013 edition of the freepaper, Festival Echo, has been printed using Fuji Rock Paper which helps conserve trees.
Fes Echo is available at these locations: HMVs nationwide, TOWER RECORDS, BEAMS(participating stores), CHUMS, COLUMBIA, LAFUMA, MERRELL, TIMBERLAND, OSHMAN'S, and other outdoor shops across Japan!

The "Fuji Rock Forest" project council

Niigata Prefecture, the Town of Yuzawa, Yuzawa Onsen Tourism Association, Naeba Tourism Association, Naeba Boardwalk Council, Prince Hotel, Chuetsu Pulp, Smash

[Volunteers Wanted]
Become a supporter and help build the Fuji Rock Forest!
The Fuji Rock Forest Project is looking for individual and corporate supporters. You can also apply in the Festival site (Entrance gate area/Naeba Shokudo/NGO Village). Please see the council website for more info.

Participating in the global activities

Fuji Rock Festival has joined the international environmental body 'FUTURE FOREST' in 2002 and planted trees at various locations in the world to offset CO2 produced in the event. In 2006, the Festival also joined the launch of the international environmental fund 'Global Cool', which was founded to prevent global warming. The Festival has offered oppotunities for guests to think about global environmental issues by supporting a variety of activities from global to grass root levels.


ngo village

Since the year 2000, NGOs who take on issues that effect all of us such as the environment, societal problems and world peace, have congregated at the Avalon Field.
NGO VILLAGE »http://www.ngovillage.net/


This year, 12 NGOs will gather at Naeba to spread the word to festival goers focusing on three themes; energy, aiding areas effected by disasters and international cooperation. Learn and take part in a greass roots effort to make your world a better place!

3 themes and 12 participants

ATOMIC CAFÉ http://acf.main.jp
DISASTER RELIEF NPO, SOKOAGE http://www.sokoage.org
SAKURA LINE 311 http://www.sakura-line311.org/
Otsuchi Fukko Sashiko Project http://tomotsuna.jp/
INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION fan saba jr / HARMONY FOR PEACE http://harmonyforpeace.jimdo.com/
DOGODOGO FUND http://www.dogodogocentre.org/
CALCUTTA RESCUE http://www.calcuttarescue.org/
MORE FUJI ROCK FOREST PROJECT http://www.fujirockersforest.com/
CHOMA CLUB http://www.chomaclub.jp
TOKYO COTTON VILLAGE http://www.tokyocottonvillage.com/

'NEW ENERGY' to operate the Festival


new power gear

Since 2005, Fuji Rock has proactively implemented the use of biodiesel fuel and solar power in order to reduce carbon emissions through the "New Power Gear" campaign.

[By using 7,200 liters of Biodiesel Fuel, we will have contributed in reducing CO2 by 19,008 kilograms]
By recycling used tempura oil into biodiesel fuel(*BDF), we are reducing the load we are putting on our planet. In 2012, 36 barrels or 7,200 liters of BDF was used for generators and stage power trucks, reducing CO2 emissions by 19,008 kg.(Diesel Fuel: 1 Liter = 2.64kg of CO2 emissions)The use of green energy at Fuji Rock which started in 2005 has now expanded where all the power including stage power at Field of Heaven, all of Avalon Field, Boardwalk, Mokudotei and Kids Land, as well as part of the camp site is now powered by BDF.

*Bio Diesel Fuel(BDF):Since plants absorb CO2 during photosynthesis, the amount of CO2 released during combustion of BDF is counterbalanced.

Clean Energy Promotion Campaign

As part of our project to raise awareness for clean energy, we have taken part in many campaigns.


[Keep Fuji Rock's theme song "Let's Go To The Countryside"(by Kiyoshiro Imawano)playing with a bicycle generator!]
Our annual campaign that involves rigorous manual labor and one that many people participate in will be held once again this year. Keep Fuji Rock's theme song playing with the power of festival goers, located at the NGO village. Participants will be given an original Fuji Rock Green Energy Certificate(limited to first 200 participants).

Recycling Resources at the Festival

Zero Garbage Navigation

zero rubbish

Beginning in 1998, with the international environmental organization, A SEED JAPAN, leading the way, the festival has worked with volunteers towards not only keeping the festival grounds clean but sorting the garbage generated into resources that can be recycled, aiming to make Fuji Rock the "greenest festival in the world".

For more info visit: [A SEED JAPAN]

Recycling projects

Resources gathered at the festival this summer will be used to manufacture eco friendly merchandise for next year's festival.
•Passing out garbage bags made from recycled plastic bottles
•Use of toilet paper made from recycled paper cups and cigarette packaging

The festival is taking on many other projects using recycled resources as part of the Recycle Project.

[From Plastic Bottles to Staff Jackets]


jacket from recycled plastic bottles

Recycling plastic bottles gathered at the festival into fibers, this project provides 2,000 jackets to festival staff. Approximately 10 plastic bottles are used to manufacture a jacket which means about 20,000 plastic bottles(aproximately 500kg)are recycled into jackets every year.

[From Wooden Chopsticks to Wood Pellets]

This project recyces used disposable chopsticks into wood pellets that can be used as fuel for stoves and boilers. Compared to oil based fuels that generate waste and CO2, wood pellets only generate the same amount of CO2 as absorbed during its growth as a tree, thus offsetting emmissions. The chopsticks are reborn as a fuel source good for the earth.

Use of low environmental impact tableware

All food booths at the festival use tableware with low environmental impact and chopsticks made from domestic forest thinnings.
•"Non-wooden tableware" using materials like left over sugar cane.
•Chopsticks made from forest thinnings from domestic forests which has a low impact on the environment while helping to maintain the forests.
•Experimental use of Biodegradable Plastic Cups made from 100% organic materials.



Auto camp 'MOON CARAVAN'

moon caravan

Auto camp facility 'MOON CARAVAN'

  • 4 night auto camp only area
  • The use of the auto camp area 'MOON CARAVAN' is limited to ticket holders who have both a "MOON CARAVAN" car park pass and accompanying campsite ticket. Regular car park passes and campsite tickets are not valid in this area.
    » ticket type
  • Entry/departure is limited and not allowed outside the specified times.
  • The ticket will be invalid if guests arrive later than stated entry time, and guests will not be able to use the area/facility. In this case, it will not be possible to replace the invalid ticket with one for the other car parking facilities. Please carefully choose your tickets that suit your plans before purchase.


Place Moon Caravan is located at the southernmost(closest to the main enterance)area of the festival, above the Tour Bus Users Campsite, "Pyramid Garden" on what used to be the Naeba Prince Hotel golf course. The area is grassy with a slight(approx 3 to 5 degree)slope. It is a roughly 15 minute walk to the main gate of the festival.
*The MOON CARAVAN area is considered to be outside of the festival
Entrance & Exit Times [Entrance Schedule] July 25th Thurs.: 12:00PM to 5:00PM
[Exit Schedule] July 29th Mon.: 9:00AM to 12:00PM
* Missing the scheduled entrance time will void the parking permit and use of the area.
*Vehicles which enter the area will not be allowed to exit until the scheduled exit times.
*All ticketholders planning on using the area should arrive at the scheduled entrance time.
Alloted Area 6mx6m space per 1 area ticket.
* The above space is the allotted area for both vehicle and tent.
*Use of each 6m x 6m space will be limited to 4 people.
Facilities [The following ficilities can be used along with general camp site and Pyramid Garden users. ]

[Shower Facilities]
[Showers] Available for use 24 hours a day(exluding cleaning times.)
[Naeba Onsen]Price:¥500
July 25(Thu)12:00 noon - July 26(Fri)12:00 noon
July 26(Fri)3:00PM -July 27(Sat)12:00 noon
July 28(Sun)3:00PM- July 29(Mon)9:00AM

[Store(next to Tour Bus Center)Hours of Operation]
July 25(Thu) 3:00PM to 9:00PM
July 26(Fri) to July 28(Sun) 5:00AM -1:00PM, 6:00PM -2:00AM
July 29(Mon) 8:00AM to 11:00AM

[BBQ area]
None. Water facilities(sinks) are available.

[The following facilities are also available to Moon Caravan users.]

[Naeba Prince Hotel Large Bath]
Open: July 25(Thu) 8:00PM to 2:00AM
July 26(Fri) to July 28(Sun) 7:00PM to 6:00AM

[Store("Delica" located within the hotel) Hours of Operation]
Open: July 26(Fri) to July 28(Sun) 8:00AM to 3:00AM
About pets Dogs are allowed in the area but they must be kept in a lead, except for in the dog run area.
* Dogs are not allowed inside the festival site.
*The festival office cannot care for dogs nor will pet food be provided.
* Dogs must be under your own care and you must be responsible for them.
Use of Open Flame While food preperation within your assigned space is permitted, the use of open flame is not allowed.

Terms and conditions

  • Only those with valid parking and camp site tickets are permitted use of the Auto Camp Area "MOON CARAVAN".
  • Entry and exiting of vehicles will be restricted. Failure to arrive by the allotted time of entry will invalidate the MOON CARAVAN parking ticket and use of the area will not be permitted. Use of other parking areas will also not be permitted so be sure to plan ahead before purchasing.
    Entrance Schedule
    [Entrance] July 25th Thurs: 12:00PM to 5:00PM
    [Exit] July 29th Mon: 9:00AM to 12:00PM
  • All MOON CARAVAN users must arrive and enter the area at their scheduled time.
  • Assigned space per parking ticket will be 6m x 6m. This space will be your parking and tent space. Use of space outside of your alloted 6m x 6m area will not be permitted. Each 6m x 6m space can only be used by up to 4 persons with car and tent.
  • Vehicles permitted entry to the MOON CARAVAN area will be limited to 4 wheel vehicles not exceeding 6m in length. Use by motorcycles and vehicles exceeding 6m in length such as "Micro Buses" and recreational vehicles, will not be permitted. Please be sure to check your vehicle in advance.
  • Use of soley the MOON CARAVAN area is not available.
  • The festival organizers and or venue is not responsible for any accidents or thefts that occur on the premesis.
  • Use of open flame within the premesis is not permitted.
  • Please be sure to turn off your vehicle when parked.
  • Exchange tickets(festival entrance tickets and auto camp tickets)and wristbands for all members of your party at the MOON CARAVAN Reception Tent. The wristbands will be dedicated MOON CARAVAN wristbands and those without them will not be permmited use of the area. PLEASE NOTE THAT MOON CARAVAN WRISTBANDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR EXCHANGE AT THE MAIN WRISTBAND EXCHANGE TENT LOCATED AT THE SHOP AREA OUTSIDE OF THE FESTIVAL.
  • The MOON CARAVAN area is considered to be outside of the festival and entrance and exit to and from the festival will be the same as the festival opening time and end of the festival program for each day.

Performers from last year's ROOKIE A GO-GO compete for a slot on one of the main stages


Voted number one after last year's well recieved performance at Rookie A Go-Go, STERUSS haved passed the final review by the festival committee to win a slot at this year's festival!
They'll be playing on Saturday July 27th, with the stage to be announced alongside the overall festival line up.

"Thanks to all those who voted for us and the committee for giving us this chance! We'll be giving back this appreciation through our music and we'll be giving it our all on stage at Fuji Rock! Coincidence will always change to the inevitable, someday, surely, it's almost time, GO FUJI ROCK!!! It's on!!!" (STERUSS)

Artists that performed at last year's ROOKIE A GO-GO stage now take part in auditions for a slot on one of the main stages at FRF'13! AIM FOR THE MAIN STAGE!

One artist out of 14 competitors will win the chance to perform at either the Green or White Stages, the Red Marquee, Field of Heaven, or the Orange Court at this summer's festival.

The first round of voting in this competition where YOUR votes choose the winner was held at the ROOKIE A GO-GO during last year's Fuji Rock Festival.

Second and final round of voting begins now!

Check recordings of the performances from last year's ROOKIE A GO-GO Stage and each artists up to date information and vote for your favorite artist!

[Voting Period] March 1st to March 31st

*Final winner and stage to be determined by the Rookie a Go-Go Audition Office once votes from the first round of voting held at the Rookie a Go-Go in 2012 and the second round of voting held online are tallied and totalled.

Details available on Japanese language website » http://www.fujirockfestival.com/news/event17.html

FUJIROCKERS DVD new package release

Packed with a history of Fuji Rock! Double discs DVD 'FUJI ROCKERS' includes 1997 to 2007. A special bonus comes with a new package version currently on sale. This DVD package will be out of sale in July 2013. Don't miss your last change to get it!



Attached to this new version is a special bonus DVD(not for sale separately), including 20 minutes of footage from the Imawano Kiyoshiro tribute performance that took place at Fuji Rock '09.

FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL July 25(Sat)2009/Green Stage

Imawano Kiyoshiro Special Message Orchestra

NICE MIDDLE with New Blue Day Horns

LIVE version 'JUMP', BG version 'Going Up The Country', 'Oh! RADIO' and more

approx. 20 minutes

Package contents

Release date March 24, 2010
Product ID IEBP-10047~48
Price ¥5,250(¥5,000 without tax )
DVD spec [FUJIROCKERS DVD main discs]
DVD dual layer double discs, main feature 296 mins

DVD single layer disc, main feature 20 mins

tall case/36 page booklet(images of past posters etc)
Selling agency/
WHD Entertainment

* Please note the following track that was in the previous release(IEBP-10018-19, July 2008)is not included in this new release due to the right holders disposition.

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fuji rock days

The FRF Official Shop, Gan-Ban, will once again be hosting the festival Pre-Event at Shibuya Parco Part-1 Main Entrance just before the festival!

●FUJI ROCK DAYS in [SHIBUYA PARCO] Sat 7/6 - Sun 7/7

With less then a month left before the festival, the only Official FRF Shop, Gan-Ban, will be hosting FUJI ROCK DAYS PART 3, with a special Fuji Rock booth at the main entrance of Shibuya Parco Part-1!

Popular bus tours, outdoor gear handy for the festival, a large selection of official merchandise only available in the run up to the festival, rare footage from past years, famous food stalls from the festival and much more is waiting for you at FUJI ROCK DAYS in SHIBUYA PARCO!

GAN-BAN » http://ganban.net/?p=6022

Date & Time Sat 7/6, Sun 7/7 10:00AM - 8:00PM
Place Shibuya Parco Part-1, 1f "Koen Dori Square" (Main Entrance)
Shibuya Parco Part-3, B1f, GAN-BAN Shop
Event Info FRF'13 Tickets / Lottery / Official Merchandise / Wagon Sale / Fuji Rock Food Stalls
Lottery Contestants Those who purchase festival tickets at the Fuji Rock Booth or Gan-Ban Official Shop on the day of the event.
Lottery Prizes Official Tour Bus Tickets / Outdoor Gear, etc.

●FUJI ROCK DAYS in [Shibuya Parco] Sat. 6/8 - Sun. 6/9

The best of pre-festival events brought to you by FRF's official shop, GAN-BAN.
Check out the FUJI ROCK special booth at the main entrance of SHIBUYA PARCO PART-1!
Don't miss out on the great prizes, food from popular booths at the festival, discounted merch from festivals past and early releases of this year's merchandise!
It's sure to be a great weekend full of hot tips only the official shop can provide!

Event Dates Sat. 6/8 , Sun. 6/9 10:00AM - 8:00PM
Event Locations Shibuya Parco PART-1, 1F 'Koen-Dori Square'(Main Entrance)
Shibuya Parco PART-3, B1F 'GAN-BAN'
Event Content FRF'13 Ticket Sales / Lottery / Advance Sales of Official Merchandise / Merchandise Sale / Fuji Rock Food Booths
Lottery Entry Lottery participants will be limited to those who purchase FRF'13 tickets at the GAN-BAN shop or the Fuji Rock Booth during the event.
Lottery Prizes Naeba Prince Hotel lodging coupons, tour bus tickets, outdoor goods, etc.


TFuji Rock takes over the entrance to the Tower Records Shibuya store again this year!
Check out unreleased footage of the festival and enter to win great prizes in the lottery.
Sure to be another great pre-event at Shibuya's mecca for music lovers!

Event Dates Sat. 6/8 , Sun. 6/9 11:00AM - 8:00PM
Event Content FRF'13 Ticket Sales / Lottery / Screening of unreleased Festival Footage, etc.
Lottery Entry , Lottery entrants will be limited to those who purchase campaign items at TOWER RECORDS SHIBUYA or lottery ticket holders.
, Those who purchase FRF'13 tickets on event days.
Lottery Prizes Naeba Prince Hotel lodging coupons, tour bus tickets, outdoor goods, etc.

●FUJI ROCK DAYS in [TOWER RECORDS SHINJUKU] (sat) 6/15 -(sun) 6/16

Tokyo's not just Shibuya! FUJI ROCK DAYS is coming to TOWER RECORDS SHINJUKU!
Get your festival tickets, win great prizes and check out rare footage from past festivals!

When (sat) 6/15 -(sun) 6/16 12:00~20:00




"FUJI ROCK DAYS in OSAKA" to be held again this year!

fuji rock days

Don't worry! It's not just in Tokyo! "FUJI ROCK DAYS" in Osaka is fast becoming an annual event, and will be held again at all 3 Tower Records Kansai locations this year!
Win great prizes and view rare footage from past festivals! Plenty more excitement for the day is planned, so come on down!

●FUJI ROCK DAYS in OSAKA [TOWER RECORDS] Fri. 6/14 - Sun. 6/16

Event Place & Dates Fri. June 14th 3:00PM - 9:00PM TOWER RECORDS Umeda Osaka Maru Bldg.
Sat. Jun 15th 3:00PM - 9:00PM TOWER RECORDS Umeda NU Chayamachi Sun June 16th 1:00PM - 8:00PM TOWER RECORDS Namba
Event Includes Lottery contest / Showing of rare footage, etc.
Lottery Contest Eligibility Those who have purchased campaign items at the below 5 locations and who have a lottery ticket.
Lottery Ticket Distribution Locations TOWER RECORDS Osaka Maru Bldg. Store, Umeda NU Chayamachi Store, Namba Store, Kyoto Store, Kobe Store
Lottery Prizes Naeba Prince Hotel Lodging Coupon / Tour Bus Ticket Coupon / Outdoor Goods, etc.

Fuji Rock Pre-Event "FUJI ROCK DAYS" - in NAGOYA -

"FUJI ROCK DAYS in Nagoya" to be held again this year!

fuji rock days

The popular 'FUJI ROCK DAYS in Nagoya' is being held again this year in the center of Nagoya, at the TOWER RECORDS Nagoya Parco store in Yabacho!
Win great prizes! View rare footage from past festivals! We are planning all sorts of great things for you again this year!
Sure to be a weekend full of great deals for those who have already decided to go to Fuji Rock this summer and those who can't decide whether or not to go!


Event Dates Sunday June 30th 13:00-20:00
Event Place TOWER RECORDS Nagoya Parco Store
Event Includes Lottery contest / Showing of rare footage, etc.
Lottery Contest Eligibility Those who have purchased campaign items at the two below Nagoya Tower Records locations and who have a lottery ticket.
Lottery Prizes Naeba Prince Hotel Lodging Coupon / Tour Bus Ticket Coupon / Outdoor Goods, etc.