TICKETS - ticket types

Final Same Day Tickets, Advanced Ticketing Sales Info

•Same Day Tickets: To Be Available As Follows;

*Parking Tickets, Moon Caravan Tickets, and other ticket types which have sold out will not be available for purchase at the festival.
  Price Time and location of where the tickets are sold.
3 day ticket ¥43,000(Tax Incl) July 26th (Fri) 9:00-23:00
<Ticket Booth in External Shop Area>
1 day ticket for 7/26 (Fri) ¥19,000(Tax Incl) July 26th (Fri) 9:00-23:00
<Ticket Booth in External Shop Area>
1 day ticket for 7/27 (Sat) ¥19,000(Tax Incl) July 27th (Sat) 9:00-23:00
<Ticket Booth in External Shop Area>
1 day ticket for 7/28 (Sun) ¥19,000(Tax Incl) July 28th (Sun) 9:00-23:00
<Ticket Booth in External Shop Area>
Campsite ticket ¥3,000(Tax Incl) July 25th (Thurs) 12:00-
<Wristband Exchange>
July 26th (Fri) 27th (Sat) 28th (Sun) 9:00-23:00 Everyday
<Ticket Booth in External Shop Area>
For Other Times;
<Wristband Exchange>


•Final Sales for Advance Ticketing

Please note that final on-sale dates differ depending on the ticket outlet.

More information » here

Entrance tickets (3-day/1-day)

  3-day ticket 1-day ticket
(Limited to 10,000 per day)

regular sale
from 15th June, Sat 10am

(inclusive of tax)
(inclusive of tax)

Pre-sale Ticketing
Sat, Mar 9th to Fri June 14th

(inclusive of tax)
priority booking special price
(inclusive of tax)
priority booking special price
*FRF'13 Special Pre-Sale Discount offer has ended Friday, June 14th.

Notes about ticket purchase

  • 1 entry ticket is valid for use by 1 person only.
  • Children 12 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Free shuttle bus service from JR EchigoYuzawa Station is available for entry ticket holders.

Campsite ticket

¥3,000/person (incl. tax) valid for whole festival period
Not sold separately from entrance tickets.

Please note:

  • The number of campsite tickets you purchase cannot exceed the number of entrance tickets you hold.
  • Campsite Wristbands only available in conjunction with exchange of festival tickets or to those wearing a valid festival wristband. Wristbands for only the campsite will not be exchanged.
  • The campsite ticket is valid from July 25 (Thu) 12:00 - July 29 (Mon) 12:00
  • The tent area is on the golf course of Naeba Ski Resort and there is a slope.
  • The designated tent area is the only place you can pitch tents.
  • No fires are allowed.
  • Cooking is only permitted in the designated BBQ area.
  • You cannot drive in the campsite.
  • There will be shower facilities solely for campers. Naeba Onsen hot spring can be used for a fee.

Car park pass

¥3,000 (incl. tax)/day per car

  • Not sold separately from entrance tickets and only available for a group of two or more people sharing a car.
  • If more than 3 people are sharing a car, please make sure to have entrance tickets for all passengers.
  • Valid only at the assigned space and during allocated hours.
  • The car park pass will be invalid if torn off from the car park ticket
  • Large vehicles that exceed 6 metres in length (such as a micro bus) cannot be parked in car parks.
  • Parking bicycles and motor bikes is free. Please use a specified parking space in the on-site No1 car park.
  • The number of available car park spaces is limited. Please purchase car park passes at the earliest occasion to avoid disappointment.


MOON CARAVAN ticket: dedicated car park pass + dedicated camp site ticket + entrance ticket (for 2+ people only)
MOON CARAVAN tickets are soley tickets for use of the Auto Camp Area MOON CARAVAN.

  • Dedicated Car Park Pass: ¥12,000 (per car, tax inclusive)
  • Dedicated Camp Site Ticket: ¥3,000 (per person, tax inclusive)
  • Entrance Ticket: 3-day ticket (Prices will vary depending on date of purchase.)

Limited to 2 car park passes (2 car space) per application per person.
More than 2 and up to 4 three-day tickets per one car park pass.
(Use of each 6m x 6m space will be limited to 4 people. )
MOON CARAVAN tickets are available with 3 Day Tickets only and sale of just MOON CARAVAN parking and campsite tickets is not available.

Please note below when purchasing tickets

  • The use of the auto camp facility 'MOON CARAVAN' is limited to the ticket holders of the dedicated car park pass and the dedicated campsite ticket.
  • The same number of campsite tickets and 3 Day Tickets must be purchased.
  • Use of the Auto Camp Area MOON CARAVAN is valid for 4 nights and entry and exit of vehicles will be limited.
  • There are terms and conditions for Auto Camp Area MOON CARAVAN users separately. By purchasing Auto Camp Area MOON CARAVAN tickets, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of use of the area. Please be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of use before purchasing.
  • Detailed information regarding the use of the MOON CARAVAN area will be sent along with tickets.


» 'MOON CARAVAN' details, rules and provisions

Please read before purchasing tickets

Please read the following and help make the festival enjoyable for all

  • Using blankets or sheeting, etc., to hold space or leaving chairs unattended can be a nuisance to other festivalgoers. Unattended items may be disposed of so be sure to carry all of your belongings with you.
  • The use of tarps or parasols and other items that use a lot of space or restrict the view of others are prohibited.
  • Always drink responsibly.
  • Dangerous acts such as moshing or diving are prohibited. Damages caused to other festivalgoers by this type of dangerous act shall be settled by the parties involved.
  • Do not do anything to bother the neighboring community. Additionally, those who have not acquired a parking space in advance cannot come to the festival by car.
  • Come fully prepared for adverse weather. (The use of umbrellas is prohibited in the venue.)
  • Smoking while walking is prohibited in the venue. There are also non-smoking areas within the festival. All smokers should have a portable ashtray and follow the rules and etiquette when smoking.

Notes about ticket purchase

  • Ticket sales will finish once tickets are sold out. This applies to all ticket types. Tickets sold out at priority booking will not be available for regular sale.
  • The car park pass and campsite ticket are not sold separately from entrance tickets. If you plan to come by car, please purchase a car park pass.
  • You may not make a change or cancel once you have placed your application.
  • Tickets will be exchanged with wrist bands at the Festival site. You cannot enter the site without the exchange.
  • After exchanging your ticket, the wristband will be the proof of your ticket purchase. Please look after it with care during the Festival period.
  • Lost wristbands will not be re-issued for any reason. Guests without a wristband will be asked to leave the site or re-purchase a ticket, so please be extra careful not to loose it.
  • A ticket will not be re-issued for any reason, so please be extra careful not to loose it.
  • Tickets booked will be dispatched early July.
  • Please read 'terms and conditions' before purchasing tickets
    » terms and conditions